Papaya and dates anti-stress smoothie

If you match the ingredients well, even a shake can turn into a powerful anti-stress remedy, which you can prepare in minutes when you feel the need to disconnect.

"That of papaya and dates is a real panacea for the psyche: the combination of these two foods, in fact, is able to promote relaxation and stimulate the synthesis of Serotonin, the neurotransmitter of well-being and good mood », says Dr. Cinzia Longobucco, nutrition biologist in Bari.

Why it works

«Papaya, in addition to water, enzymes and mineral salts, has many Vitamins. Those of group B, in particular, are effective for the balance of the nervous system and against the fatigue chronic and the fruit has high quantities of it.

Dates are also very rich in vitamin B; in addition, they bring magnesium, mineral that induces relaxation and calm, and several natural sugars, excellent for counteracting fatigue.

Finally, there is the tryptophan, amino acid on which the production of serotonin depends ”, points out the expert. So, the papaya and date smoothie is a winner in case of stress, anxiety and mild depression.

The right combinations

When you give yourself this Smoothie do not consume protein foods, especially of animal origin, such as meat, fish and eggs: «They contain branched-chain amino acids, including valine and leucine, which hinder the synthesis of tryptophan.

To facilitate its absorption, however, eat carbohydrates: a wholemeal rusk, for example, is an ok pairing with a smoothie », recommends the nutritionist.


Ingredients for one person (176 calories):

v 1/2 papaya

v 4 dates fresh

v water natural

v nutmeg

«Blend the papaya, dates and fresh water to taste, based on the desired consistency. Complete with a sprinkle of nutmeg grated and enjoy it immediately, without adding sugar: papaya and dates already contain it in high quantities ”, explains Dr. Cinzia Longobucco.

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