Panzanella: the original Tuscan recipe and 10 variations

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Panzanella is a traditional dish of "poor" cuisine Tuscany. It is very easy to prepare with seasonal ingredients and allows us to use stale bread to create a really tasty dish. It is also a practical recipe, since we can prepare it in advance because resting the panzanella acquires more flavor and the stale bread becomes soft. As with all traditional recipes, there are also numerous variations for panzanella. In addition to Tuscany, panzanella is prepared in other central regions of your country, such as Umbria, Marche and your city. Let's find out the original recipe of panzanella and the variants to experiment.


Panzanella, the original Tuscan recipe

According to the original Tuscan recipe the preparation of panzanella plans to use stale bread, red onion and basil, all seasoned with oil, vinegar and salt. Usually the stale bread is left to soak in water and then squeezed. Over time, variations of this recipe were introduced, depending on the cook's tastes, with the addition, for example, of cucumbers, tomatoes or hard-boiled eggs. L'addition of tomatoes and cucumbers now it seems to be considered canonical. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with watermelon

A very original variant of the basic panzanella recipe involves adding a few cubes of watermelon, a little rocket, crumbled feta cheese and honey for seasoning. You will thus obtain a tasty panzanella with watermelon.

Panzanella with black olives and cannellini beans

Among the ingredients that you can add to the basic recipe to prepare panzanella we find black olives and cannellini beans, or the beans of Spain, depending on your preferences. So you can prepare the panzanella in our own way.

Light and fast panzanella

: Ready meals in no time

To prepare a light and fast panzanella they will serve you stale bread, fresh tomatoes, pitted black olives, onions, celery, basil, red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with pickled gherkins

: Mint and Chilli

Among the ingredients that we can add to panzanella to make it even tastier we find the pickled gherkins that go with fresh cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. Here the recipe.

Crispy panzanella

: The garlic clove

There are those who prefer to use stale bread softened in water to prepare panzanella and those who prefer a crunchy version with croutons to be made starting from the leftover bread. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with radishes

: Wine Dharma

To prepare the perfect panzanella you need to use seasonal vegetables, an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil and some herbs in your city to make the dish even more delicious. You can add the radishes to the basic ingredients. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with broad beans and peas

: Fairies Kitchen

One of the many variations of panzanella plans to use the main ingredients are broad beans, peas and artichokes and lettuce your city. So you can prepare the panzanella based on the vegetables at your disposal. Here the recipe.

Gluten-free panzanella

: Serena Missori

To prepare the gluten-free panzanella you will have to pay attention to the choice of bread, so you will have to buy or prepare gluten-free bread suitable for celiacs at home. The original recipe for panzanella itself is vegan but in some variations, feta-like cheese is added. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with zucchini, carrots and nectarines

: Shots of taste

To make the classic panzanella recipe even richer you can add zucchini, carrots, radishes, parsley, pumpkin seeds and nectarines. So your panzanella will always be different. Here the recipe.

Panzanella with cous cous

: A pan between us

Finally, if you don't have stale bread on hand but you have some leftover cous cous you can use it to prepare an alternative but still very good panzanella. Here the recipe.

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