Paleo diet: basic concepts

Paleo diet: basic concepts

Paleolithic diet: Return to the Origins

We are talking about a return to the origins of man, of what once was the food to eat, untreated, not "rounded" and above all not CULTIVATED!
What are you doing? Choose the blue pill and come with me to see what this world was or do you choose the red one and stay in the world dominated by the corn empire?

Proteins and Fats

The Paleolithic diet included a protein component higher than that recommended today and differed significantly from the latter. The meat was lean game, poorer and very different in fat composition than today's meats. Furthermore, this food was rich in omega-3 fats, today almost absent in the meat of animals reared for feed (clear difference with those raised free). However, fats are an essential and important component of the Paleolithic diet. Obviously without exaggerating, Paleolithic is not synonymous with "excess" ...


As for the use of carbohydrates, as a source of energy and to restore the acid-base balance of the body, the Paleolithic man ate fruit and vegetables, which they bring (compared to pasta, rice and bread) to a lower release of insulin, consequently to a lower synthesis of fats. The carbohydrates with AIG (high glycemic index), in fact, those derived from cereals, are responsible for the rapid increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycaemia), an event that triggers the "perverse insulin mechanism".

What to eat

So, in summary, the tips for a good Paleolithic diet are:

  • Make many small meals and not a few abundant ones; this also reduces hormonal stimulation (insulin) compared to that caused by more abundant and concentrated meals.
  • Eating red or white meat (even if today's meat is treated compared to millions of years ago and loses many nutritional values ​​compared to the Paleolithic one; it is no coincidence that farm animals are given feed with cereals inside, when they were free, instead, they ate what nature had imposed on them) and carbohydrates taken from fruit and vegetables, avoiding just pasta, bread, biscuits, rusks, rice and all derivatives of cereals
  • Properly dissociate foods, i.e. avoid mixing different proteins together, in this way each food can be digested and absorbed better by the body.
  • Exercise: Paleolithic man went hunting to get food, he didn't sit on a sofa watching TV, and he fought to kill the animal; now we go to the supermarket and everything is ready, so it is very important to do some sport.

With this diet, also associated with a zone diet, I managed to "bring to their origins" many people in a short time, devastated by the diets that unfortunately today's society imposes on us. Have a good return to today's civilization or a good start to a new era ... the paleo!

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