Overcoming emotional abuse

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Overcoming emotional abuse

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Last update: 15 November 2021

Overcoming emotional abuse requires first of all working through a traumatic experience that has undermined our self-esteem. We must therefore avoid blaming ourselves because the mistake never belongs to those who believed in that love and did everything for that relationship. The "crime" is committed by the liar, the narcissistic and harmful person who acts through manipulation, blackmail and psychological abuse.

If we exercise this influence and decide not to attribute all the responsibility or blame for what happened to the other, it is for a specific reason. When a person manages to end a relationship of this caliber, it is common for both the same person and any member of the context in which he lives to wonder "but why didn't she leave him before? How is it possible that he was so blind that he didn't notice everything that was happening? "

It's not that easy. Emotional abuse is not easy to unmask because its mechanisms are often subtle and sophisticated. To this we must add another no less important ingredient: love. Because we can't forget that when you love someone, you are stubborn, confident and committed to the relationship. This prevents us from easily seeing these mechanisms and even when they are perceived, detected, the brain implements very complex and articulated strategies to dissuade doubts, to release a dense fog that prevents us from seeing clearly what is happening.

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