Our feelings have died of fear

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Our feelings have died of fear

Last update: January 28, 2015

“The master said: the best things in life cannot be obtained by force.

You can oblige to eat, but you cannot oblige to be hungry.
You can force someone to go to bed, but you cannot force them to sleep.
You can force others to hear you, but you cannot force others to listen.
You can force others to kiss you, but you cannot force them to want you.
You can force others to give you a forced smile, but you can't force them to laugh.
You can force others to serve you, but you cannot force them to love you. "

(translated from La brújula interior, by Alex Rovira)

I believe that today almost all of ours feelings have died of fear. Our most spontaneous and sincere emotions (kissing, loving, dreaming, crying, laughing, etc.) vary and weaken because they cannot meet the expectations of those who expect them in return.

They vary so much that sometimes we try to force them. We force others to modify their actions (by trying to make them listen to us, accept us, help us, console us, smile at us, etc.) to the point where we get that, in the vast majority of cases, the answer is the contempt, disinterest and distancing of those around us.

La fear that pushes us to be insecure is the same that forces us to impose our will on others. As if we believe that being right will make us more powerful and stronger. But everything that he tries to achieve by imposition and force will undoubtedly be altered and ruined.

I have no doubt: we must reclaim tenderness. The warmth of offering and offering ourselves to others and to ourselves as kind, sweet people, capable of enduring the intolerances of others and not imposing ours.

The art of living should be very simple: I live, you live, he lives, we let everyone live in their own way and without taking into account mistakes, without flooding the people we have close to us with our needs or shortcomings.

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