Orgasmic meditation, or slow sex

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Orgasmic meditation, or slow sex

In this article, you will discover what orgasmic meditation is, a curious sexual practice that is interesting to know and practice.

Last update: February 26, 2022

Sex arouses great interest, whether it is because of the possible doubts that some do not dare to express aloud (for fear of what others will say) or because of the deep curiosity it arouses. It is certainly an important aspect in many people's lives, not to mention that we are surrounded by factors that remind us over and over again. But have you ever heard of orgasmic meditation?

A few years ago disciplines and practices were born aimed at promoting the understanding of concepts associated with sexuality. Some, in fact, have the purpose of helping us rediscover the pleasure of sex in a natural way and in connection with our primordial ego. Orgasmic meditation is one example.

What is orgasmic meditation?

Orgasmic meditation is a practice that is aimed at promote sexual stimulation without having to reach climax. From this point of view, it resembles other disciplines, such as tantra.

According to those who practice it, performing slow sex exercises can promote concentration and connect us more with our emotions.

This practice has a particularity that makes it even more unique: it is exclusive to the female universe. But men can also take part in it together with their partner.

The technique behind orgasmic meditation involves stimulation of the clitoris for fifteen minutes, with particular emphasis on the upper left quadrant; attention must be paid to the "center of pleasure" and the sensation experienced.

Benefits of orgasmic meditation

According to the executives of One Taste, a Californian foundation that coined the term "slow sex", this practice allows experience immense pleasure without the need to orgasm.

Some find orgasmic meditation not very advantageous, others think that One Taste and its philosophy are little less than a kind of sect. Still, some people claim to have obtained various benefits from this practice. The ones we describe below are the most important.

1-Greater awareness

After all, slow sex is a very special form of mindfulness. While experiencing bodily sensations associated with the intimate sphere, the woman can concentrate fully on the present moment. This can help you to relax, but also to optimize your well-being,

Those who engage in orgasmic meditation admit that they have lower levels of stress in general and that they feel more connected to what is happening all the time.

On top of that, according to many slow sex advocates, the level of awareness improves considerably. Well, living in the present is not only good for the woman, but the partner can also experience greater awareness.

This happens because to practice this technique he has to concentrate on the body of his partner to give her pleasure without necessarily having to reach orgasm. In itself this too is a kind of meditation.

2- Emotional openness

In addition to the above, advocates of orgasmic meditation generally claim that engaging in this practice allows for a deeper connection between the couple. Precisely because performance anxiety disappears, During slow sex, partners can be vulnerable.

On the one hand, women admit that they feel more understood by their peers, as well as feel more comfortable with their body and sexuality. On the other, men are able to get more in tune with their partner's emotions. This is because they have to reveal their emotional side to their partner during this practice.

Slow sex: is it worth practicing?

While reading this article, you may have had different reactions. You have probably gone from surprise to rejection, to disbelief. The idea of ​​sexually stimulating a woman without having an orgasm as a goal may seem foolish at first.

However, the scarce diffusion of this practice should not discourage you from trying it. Ultimately, the choice of how to live one's sexuality rests with the individual alone.

Orgasmic meditation may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you want to go into this discipline, we advise you to investigate the matter and talk about it with your partner.

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