Organic vs Conventional: the NutriMi dossier

Organic vs Conventional: the NutriMi dossier

I organic foods they are often considered healthier, safer and more sustainable by consumers. But is this really the case? To date, it is not yet possible to formulate a scientific recommendation in favor of organic, however it is important prefer foods and crops that respect soils and biodiversity, thus enhancing the productivity of any ecosystem.


In this regard, Feed Me - punto di riferimento del paese per quel che concerne il sapere in nutrizione - ha diffuso un eBook which aims to clarify the issue, while at the same time favoring informed and aware food choices.  


Organic spending: what are the advantages

produce organic food (of both animal and vegetable origin) certain regulations must be respected which prohibit, among other things, the use of chemical pesticides, GMOs and ionizing radiation.


In the dossier published by NutriMi, comparing organic and conventional foods, some peculiarities of both are explained. Like the fact, for example, that organic foods produce lower residue levels than others.   


But that's not all: this type of food of plant origin contains more antioxidant substances, while that of animal origin provides a higher quantity of polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids compared to conventional counterparts.  


What organic foods are best at

The NutriMi dossier, however, also explains that there is insufficient evidence to believe that organic products are superior in terms of organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Furthermore, the actual environmental impact of their production is currently still under study and has provided - for now - conflicting data.


At the same time, the e-book also specifies that organic products are often formulated in a more virtuous way than conventional ones, with a caloric and "critical" nutrient intake that tends to be lower. This - probably - to offer healthier food options to consumers. 


Finally, the dossier emphasizes thefundamental importance of making an informed choice (as well as ethics) before purchasing, carefully consulting the labels and nutritional values ​​of each product.   


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