Organic, vegan, fair trade and zero km ice cream at Stefino Bio in Bologna

On the occasion of the Sana Off, outside the salon which gathers various events organized in the center of Bologna, it was officially presented Stefino Bio, a small quality ice cream shop located in via Petroni. The shop is not entirely new, it was in fact active in via Riva Reno already since 1998 and proposed vegan ice cream made with rice milk. So what's the news?

First of all, the choice for customers has grown since, to the completely vegetable flavors, more have been added new made with raw milk and with a reduced amount of fat and sugar. Also, the ingredients used are all organic and Fairtrade Alce Nero.

Stefino Bio has thus become the only ice cream parlor (at least for now) that offers Sicilian granitas, ice creams and other delicacies made exclusively with organic, seasonal, 0 km and fair trade raw materials. It should be emphasized, for example, that the milk comes from an organic farm in the Bolognese Apennines, is milked in the evening and delivered to the ice cream parlor in the morning where it is pasteurized.

In addition to producing excellent quality ice cream, Stefino Bio is also attentive to environmental sustainability. The production of a kilo of artisanal ice cream consumes on average 5 liters of water for the cooling of the machines, Stefino adopts a special system for the recovery and reuse of the cooling water, reducing in in this way the consumption of 90%.

for artisan ice cream parlors the law also provides for the obligation to serve their products in disposable containers. Stefino has chosen to use PLA containers, a compostable material produced from corn starch, waiting for a new material made with sugar beet processing waste to arrive on the market.

I tastes we tried were great: gianduia with whole hazelnuts, coconut and above all the original 'Mediterranean' made with pistachios, almonds and pine nuts! If you live in Bologna or find yourself in this city by chance, drop by, the ice cream parlor is open every day from 12:30 to 0:30. Here theirs Facebook page .


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