Organic food: a good habit from the morning

Organic food: a good habit from the morning

Proper nutrition and health

Proper nutrition is the foundation of a healthy life.
What we eat has an important effect on our psycho-physical well-being. But what does "healthy eating" mean?

According to the guidelines drawn up by the Ministry of Health, the human body needs all types of nutrients to function properly; for this reason the diet must be as varied and balanced as possible, so as to provide the body, in the right proportion, with all the nutrients it needs.

This helps prevent nutritional deficiencies, to ensure adequate body reserves of energy and nutrients for the maintenance of the body's functions and to prevent chronic non-communicable diseases.
But there are foods and foods.


The organic that makes the difference

The European Parliament conducted a study entitled "Human health implication of Organic food and Organic agriculture”Which summarizes the results of the many comparative studies that have been conducted over the years on the properties of products deriving from the organic and conventional agricultural models, highlighting the presence of some differences as regards nutritional values.

In particular, it resulted that organic products have a lower nitrogen content (-10%) and a higher phosphorus content (+ 8%). compared to conventional ones, and this is due to the different fertilization systems.

As far as vitamin C is concerned, this is 6% higher in organic products, while the content of phenolic compounds, substances particularly important for their anti-oxidant function, is 20% higher in organic foods than conventional ones.

Starting the day with organic products

Consuming organic products helps maintain a healthy diet and it is good to start in the morning.
During breakfast, an essential meal due to its importance both because it follows an overnight fast, and because it is essential for the correct functioning of the body and mind, consuming organic products makes the difference.

Eat whole grains, fruit and an organic plant milk such as organic oatmeal for breakfast it gives the right amount of nutrients which, in a balanced diet, corresponds to about 15-20% of the daily energy requirement.

Especially the vegetable drink of oats, thanks to the presence of slow-absorbing complex carbohydrates (10 g per 100 g of product), quickly gives a sense of satiety which makes it particularly suitable for those on a diet, with a protein intake slightly lower than that of cow's milk.

For a long time, oats have been considered a low-quality cereal, so much so that they are used almost exclusively as feed for animals.

Over time its nutritional properties have been re-evaluated and it has started to be used both natural and processed, as in the case of the oat drink.

Organic oat vegetable drink: an ally against cholesterol

The organic oat vegetable drink is naturally lactose-free and therefore suitable for all intolerant people who have difficulty digesting animal milk.

The fiber content of the oat drink makes it a product suitable for those suffering from constipation as it helps regulate intestinal transit; moreover, it contains a consistent quantity of different types of vitamins such as vitamin B, which helps the correct functioning of the nervous system and is indicated in cases of anxiety or stress as it promotes relaxation in a natural way, vitamin B9 which prevents the anemia and vitamin E.

Rich in calcium and iron, like cow's milk, it is particularly suitable for menopausal women.
Free of cholesterol, oats are also suitable for those who need to lose weight: they contain only 1,5 grams and moreover they are polyunsaturated fats, ie so-called "good" fats such as omega 3 and 6, capable of to decrease the levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood thus helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

As for its tolerability on the part of subjects with celiac disease, there are still ongoing studies that aim to exclude the contamination of the cereal by grasses containing gluten.

To exclude any doubts regarding the consumption of foods containing oats, it is possible to consult the list of gluten-free products drawn up by the Ministry of Health and available online on the institutional website.

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