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Open letter to the world

Last update: October 15, 2016

When I was little, there was a phrase that I often repeated to myself and that was part of me as if it had been engraved in my heart: “whoever works hard always gets what he deserves”. However, this world has taught me that those who make an effort can also hit a wall and break their bones.

As children we always dreamed of growing up, of growing up to have a say and of doing the things grown-ups do. Because we thought we would make a difference. And it was not a narcissistic attitude, but a product of innocence that only childhood can understand.

It is easy to be happy when things are going well, when around us you can breathe the tranquility typical of the eyes of a naive child in a world of people who pretend to live a life like a movie. A life in which it is frowned upon to complain and to be human. In which the dictatorship of happiness has invaded us.

And then we grow ...

And then we grow up and nothing is the same as before. Our old thoughts turn into absurd beliefs, the idea of ​​a "just world" becomes an irrational idea that dominated our life and which is now a rope that grips our chest, does not let us breathe.

We grow up and we no longer know who we are, nor why what seemed possible has become impossible. What we dreamed of as children now has a distant flavor, it is no longer within our reach. We grow and see that effort involves suffering that is often not rewarded.

We grow up and hurt ourselves by reproaching ourselves for things that we don't even understand, but that hurt us to the depths of our souls. Because sometimes the words we say to ourselves are dull cries that chain us to the sense of guilt that lingers in our soul after losing our innocence.

We grow up and discover that magic does not exist, that reason wants to dominate in a world where senselessness feeds the ego of those who have the poisoned gift of having an easy life, without even trying.

And then we feel we have disappointed ourselves and our loved ones. We feel that we have been naive in the past and have surrendered to the present, we sense that we let ourselves be carried away by that rope tied to the world, a world we had built as children and which seemed perfect to us.

… But we decide not to stop dreaming

But we decide not to stop dreaming, to dig responsibly into the past to accept the responsibilities of the future. We decide that if we have been blinded by the sun of injustice, we will probably not find the path to the shadow that will give us refuge during our search for a place in the world.

We decide that we will rise like a phoenix, rise from the ashes and fly over the sea of ​​indecision with our heads held high in which we had immersed ourselves when we had lost our innocence, when we had ceased to be children who read fairy tales to become the protagonists of our story.

We decide to take the helm of our boat in hand, even if it goes against the current. Even if the foreign waves will splash us with the reproaches that reflect their frustrations. Because we have learned that we are invincible if we fight for what we really want.

And, while the clock of time plays against us as we haven't found our place in the world yet, we know that the things that are really worthwhile are hard to find and even harder to obtain.

Now we can also answer the question "does life suck?". But now that we are aware of it, let's play with an advantage. The advantage of those who struggle, dream, insist, do not give up, live with passion every uncertain step forward, continue despite being afraid. Because life is just that.

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