One day they will hug you so tightly that they join your broken parts

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One day they will hug you so tightly that they join your broken parts

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Last update: December 14, 2021

One day someone will hug you so tightly that they will put all your broken parts back together; you will recover from all your pains, your pains will evaporate in a second and you will find your smile again.

The hug is a caress, a poem written on the skin that comforts and strengthens us our emotional bonds, driving away our fears. Somehow, by removing the feeling of chaos, even if nothing is resolved, we fill ourselves with strength.

There are hugs that contain so much strength that, far from breaking us, they fix us. This is because, to put it poetically, they tune us in emotionally. In fact, even if it is not the only way nor is it indispensable, hugging helps us to work on our empathy and, therefore, on our emotional intelligence.

There are people and PEOPLE (yes, capitalized)

There are people and PEOPLE, we will all agree on this. Those with whom we have the greatest affinity are those who make up our “home”, the closest and closest to our emotions, our thoughts and our beliefs.

Generally when someone likes us, we like him too (not in sexual terms, of course). Especially because we can show ourselves more naturally and behave in a relaxed way, which allows us to smile more and which makes exchanges much sweeter and more pleasant.

This circle turns into a positive vice: the more we feel loved, the more we love those who love us. A determining factor of this special affection has hugs as its favorite manifestation, caresses and kisses.

My PEOPLE are the ones who have embraced me through good times and bad times

These special people we usually talk about are the same as they remained by our side through good times and bad times; especially in our worst times, when we were feeling worse, they stayed next to us to give us a hug.

The more depressed we are and the more doubts we have about ourselves and the world that hosts us, the more significant are the hugs and demonstrations of interest and affection towards those who show us unconditional appreciation and love.

Definitely, the more broken we are, the more we are aware of the love we feel for those who love us and who reserves a piece of himself to reward us and show us all the love we deserve.

It is the time you have wasted for your rose that has made your rose so important

"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that has made your rose so important," wrote Saint Exupéry in "The Little Prince". This constitutes one of the most important pillars of our relationship and how these hugs that come from our roses reassemble our broken parts.

Whether there are many or few similarities with our PEOPLE, it is really exciting and attractive to think that something special and unique unites us. Our PEOPLE are the ones who make us think and feel that “he loves me for who I am, not for my opinions or my interests”.

It is the most gratifying and wonderful thing, the thing that comforts us most in the moments in which our inner self is fragmented; reminds us that, despite the numerous broken parts that make it impossible to count all the pieces, we are whole and irreplaceable people for those who embrace.

A note to the reader

If you are interested in knowing more about the appreciation, love and sensitivity of our relationships, we recommend reading chapter 8 of the book "The social animal" by Elliot Aronson, a text on social psychology that will be a real pleasure for the more curious.

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