Omega 3 for weight loss

Omega 3 for weight loss

If we talk about Omega 3, we are talking about unsaturated fatty acids, in the specific case of alpha-linoleic acid which together with linoleic acid, Omega 6, are polyunsaturated fatty acids essential, therefore not produced by our body, and we must take them through food.

Omega 3s in particular boast various properties and benefits for our organism and micro and macro cellular well-being.

They reduce cholesterol bad and promote good, they control and regulate blood sugar levels, and hear hear can be a modulator of body weight. Let's see how.


Omega 3 and the balance

Let's clarify that taking Omega 3 is not the same as a weight loss diet, so there is no action followed by an immediate reaction, but Omega 3s are able to trigger a chained process that can lead to the reduction of accumulated fat and consequently to lose weight.

Omega 3s possess the property of increasing insulin sensitivity and therefore in addition to defending us from the onset of diabetes, they can inhibit the storage of fats and convey their consumption with muscle activation.

The Omega 3 in fact counteract the plasma absorption of triglycerides in the liver, thus contributing to the reduction of the body fat percentage.

This leads us to think that a deficiency of Omega 3 would give free way to fat storage, cause of accumulation of fat cells especially on the abdomen, a dangerous area for cardiovascular health.

With advancing age, the synthesis capacity of Omega 3 and Omega 6 decreases; also the use of cortisone drugs can reduce its absorption.

It is therefore important activate with food and with simple supplements that we find on the market based on linseed or fish oil.

The intake of supplements of Omega 3 is capable of activate the sense of satiety, thus limiting the consumption of snacks between meals.

Then a a low-calorie diet, physical activity and the right Omega 3 supplementation can help you lose weight in a healthy way.


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Nutrition and Omega 3

We find Omega 3 and Omega 6:

> in oil seeds such as flax seeds;
> in vegetable oils;
> in fish meat;
> in dried fruit;
> in broccoli;
> in cauliflowers;
> in soy;
> in algae;
> in the krill.

The right amount of nutrients guarantees us a correct balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6, a relationship that must always remain in balance.

We therefore avoid excesses in the intake of Omega 3 and let us rely on the advice of a nutritionist.


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