Okra, properties and benefits

Okra is a villain. Its fruits are known by different names: okra or ocher, bindhi, okra or lady finger.

It is a plant widely used in Indian cuisine and is native to Africa.

The okra fruit has the appearance similar to that of a small pepper and recalls that of our friggitelli. Inside there are seeds and a gelatinous substance.

Okra is little known in our country, however there is a small production also in the country, especially in Sicily, where favorable climatic conditions facilitate its cultivation.

To buy it you have to contact mainly the shops or markets that sell ethnic foods.


Properties and benefits of okra

If the shape resembles that of a small pepper, the flavor is more similar to that of asparagus. H.to a delicate taste that lends itself to many preparationsthe; the gelatinous substance it contains, on the other hand, makes it a perfect ingredient to make soups more creamy and velvety and to thicken sauces.

What are its main qualities?

> The okra is little caloric and it is very rich in water, 100 g of okra contain just over 30 calories;

> Contains a good amount of Vitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E e Vitamin K;

> It is rather rich in minerals; contains calcium, sodium, selenium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium and magnesium;

> It's a great one source of dietary fiber;

> Contains flavonoids and others antioxidant substances.


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Okra is useful for ...

> The diet of pregnant women, especially thanks to the good content of folic acid;

> maintain normal body weight or to lose weight;

> fight high cholesterol and high blood sugar, especially thanks to the gelatinous substance inside which contains a mucilage useful for control the absorption of cholesterol and blood sugar. THE'okra water it is considered a natural remedy to lower blood sugar;

> improve recovery times in case of asthenia and fatigue;

> promote respiratory health. The decoction of okra seeds is considered a natural remedy for respiratory tract infections;

> counteract the activity of free radicals;

> stimulate the immune system;

> safeguard the health of the kidneys. According to some studies, okra has benefits that help prevent and fight kidney diseases;

> counteract constipation and promote intestinal regularity.


Does okra have any contraindications?

There is a study according to which theokra would hinder the absorption of metformin, a drug used in the treatment of diabetes.


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