Okara: 10 recipes with soy milk "waste"

THEokara is the pulp of soy - essentially composed of fibers and starch - which remains after the preparation of vegetable milk starting from soy beans, which have been left to soak and then cooked. The okara is not a waste part, but one precious resource.

You can in fact use it for the preparation of numerous recipes, from homemade bread, to pizza, to crackers and biscuits.

Here are many recipes to inspire you.


Vegan parmesan with okara

The blog Le Vegandelizie di Concita explains how to prepare del "Grana cheese" in a vegan version, just using the okara. You can combine this basic ingredient with peeled almonds, cashews, pine nuts and nutritional yeast flakes. Season with a pinch of white pepper. Here the complete recipe.

Soybean bread with okara

Here is another very interesting idea for using soy okara. It involves inserting it among the ingredients to prepare the homemade bread. The blog La Nuez Moscada suggests making the dough with liquid sourdough, and combining soy flour with durum wheat semolina. Here the complete recipe.


Vegetable meatloaf with okara

Have you ever thought about preparing a tasty one Meatloaf with only vegetable ingredients? The Humangraphia blog suggests combining onions, carrots, capers, herbs from your city and potato starch to the soy okara to form a mixture that you can put in a mold for baking. Here the complete recipe.


Maltagliati di okara

Starting from the soy okara you can even prepare the fresh pasta and eliminate all types of waste. The Cooking Sisters blog explains step by step how to prepare the maltagliati starting from okara, type 2 flour and durum wheat semolina. With the same dough you can also make orecchiette or gnocchetti. THU recipe.


Crackers di okara

With the okara left over from the preparation of 1 liter of soy milk you can make some homemade crackers. You can enrich your nomadic crackers with sesame seeds or gomasio. After obtaining an elastic dough, roll it out thinly and cut out your okara crackers. THU the complete recipe.


Okara cookies

Among the recipes to be made with the okara could not miss that of the biscuits for breakfast. The Franci Loves Cooking blog offers shortbread-like cookies, sweetened with raw cane sugar and enriched with lemon zest or cinnamon. Here the complete recipe.


Okara croquettes

Le okara croquettes are one of the most popular preparations based on this ingredient. To form the croquettes you can combine the okara with potatoes boiled and mashed, as the Povero Vegano blog suggests. You will also need cornmeal, chickpea flour, parsley and nutmeg. THU recipe.


Pizza in okara

Here is a very original idea for using okara. It is a matter of inserting it among the ingredients of the dough Homemade Pizza, to make this dish more nutritious, as suggested by the blog Pensieri e Profumi. You can season the pizza as you like, for example with olives, capers and seasonal vegetables. Here the complete recipe.

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Peppers stuffed with okara

With the leftover okara from the preparation of soy milk you can get a tasty stuffing for peppers. The Simon Cucina blog suggests combining okara with breadcrumbs, parsley and breadcrumbs. Once the filling is formed, you can bake the peppers in the oven as usual. Here the complete recipe.


Gluten free okara cookies

these okara cookies to the dried fruit are gluten free and suitable for celiac. For their preparation you can use soy okara or almond okara. Choose rice flour and enrich them with raisins, dried blueberries and dried apricots, as suggested by the blog Antichi Nuovi Sapori. THU the complete recipe.



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