Obstacles teach us where to walk

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Obstacles teach us where to walk

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Last update: December 14, 2021

Stumbling isn't bad, but getting attached to the stone is. In any case, thank goodness that stones exist and that we are human, because nothing defines us better than our ability to overcome difficulties.

We go through life, slowly and in small bites, asking for more and counting to three. As difficult as things get, we are able to make our fear a shield of courage.

What we learn over time ...

Life is such a good teacher that if we don't learn the lesson right away, she repeats it to us. For this reason, we often have to live with despair and frustration because nothing seems to be right. There are no survival manuals, we learn to live when fire touches our skin.

Over time we learn to manage and manage life, to know where to walk and to change perspective. The beautiful text that follows is attributed to the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, who summarizes everything we learn by "practicing" the art of living, namely, stumbling and getting up again and again:

Over time I have learned the subtle difference between holding someone's hand and chaining a soul. Over time I have learned that love doesn't mean going to bed and that companionship doesn't mean safety.

Over time I have learned that kisses are not contracts and gifts are not promises.

Over time I have learned that being with someone gives you a good future
it means that sooner or later you will want to return to your past. Over time ... you realize that getting married just because "it's time" is a clear signal that the marriage will be a failure

Over time I realized that only those who are capable of loving you with your defects, without expecting to change you, can give you all the happiness you desire.

Over time you realize that if you stay close to this person only to accompany your loneliness, you will hopelessly end up wishing you would never see them again.

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