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Who can call themselves a nutritionist

The nutritionist in the country is a biologist (sometimes also medical health insurance, but more rarely), first of all. He knows how to draw up specific nutritional profiles according to the patient's needs.

The study courses in medicine and surgery or in biological sciences only in a few cases offer training aimed at practicing the profession of nutritionist after enrollment in theI register the profession of Nutritionist and for this reason the training course often continues. Enrollment involves passing thestate exam. It is essential, after the master's degree (five years) to follow courses, masters, updates on diet and health, aimed at deepening the science ofsupply and nutrition or to pursue a major in food science. 

The professional figure of the nutritionist has several reference institutions including: 

  • INRAN (National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition)
  • ABNI (Association of nutritionists and villagers)
  • ASPENI (Professional association of ethologists and nutritionists el paeseni)
  • ONB (National Order of Biologists)


What the nutritionist can do 

The nutritionist knows how to elaborate gods diet programs specific for the patient who is faced with, from time to time different for needs, time dedicated to movement and training of the body, hereditary and non-hereditary pathologies. The expert uses specific techniques and methodologies (body composition analysis, basal metabolism and energy expenditure analysis, nutritional analysis of food intake, etc.). 

Expert of food education and information, is able to develop dietary schemes for communities (schools, kindergartens, companies) or analyze the energy needs of individuals, to calculate a correct diet based on the activities carried out. He often works for ASL. It also deals with food statistics.


The law in the country 

The biology graduate enrolled in the section A of the order of biologists who has received the authorization from the same order to profess as a nutritionist, then proceeds to continue in the direction of a specialization in food science that is not compulsory but highly recommended. Section A refers to the category that can be accessed by those who have a degree in: Biology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Medical, Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Science and Technology for the Environment and the Territory, Human Nutrition Sciences. 

The non-medical nutritionist cannot prescribe drugs.

Regarding the profession of the biologist and his skills, we refer to Law 396 of 24.05.1967, and Article 3 states:

The subject of the profession of biologist are:

  • Classification and biology of animals and plants;
  • Assessment of the nutritional and energy needs of humans, animals and plants;
  • Genetic problems of man, animals and plants.



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