Nutrition: never without proteins

Nutrition: never without proteins

Un healthy eating must be rich in protein. We suggest some foods that contain them in quantity: take note and have fun varying them, consume them in rotation, put creativity in the stove; muscles and tissues will thank you.

La dry soy contains a lot of proteins, as well as i pine nuts and roasted peanuts.

Yes, because proteins are not only present in meat, eggs, milk, but also vegetable foods such as legumes, pasta, rice, albeit in smaller quantities. A good dish of beans it will contain all the proteins the physique needs, but, unlike bresaola or raw ham, rich in animal protein, beans contain plant-based proteins.


What are proteins

Proteins are organic compounds consisting of amino acids arranged in long polypeptide chains. The variety of proteins is extraordinary and it is due to the fact that the 20 basic amino acids can combine in countless ways, resulting in ever-changing polypeptide chains.

Proteins are mainly made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, in some cases sulfur, phosphorus and iron are also represented.

After the intake of protein the process is started hydrolysis which allows you to split the individual amino acids for their reuse by the body.


How to integrate proteins in the diet of athletes


Calculate proteins

Those who attend gyms, swimming pools or other temples of movement know how much attention athletes devote to diet. In particular, protein intake is a constant concern of athletes, given the plastic function that proteins exert in tissues, especially in the muscles.

Some personal trainers, articles in specialized magazines, books or food fads they propose dietary programs with calculations to the thousandth to measure the protein intake. Pretending to calculate in detail how many proteins we have on our plate can give rise to forms of paranoia and risks taking away a lot of spontaneity from a noble pleasure like that of food.

We recommend eating healthy foods, varying them regularly, ensuring the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, water, vitamins, especially through fruit and vegetables. As for the doses, the body knows what it needs, it is better to go back to listening to it, rather than playing with scales or calculators.

In nature there is everything the body needs, without many pills or protein supplements which often, if they are not of quality, increase muscle mass but damage the kidneys and risk altering blood and urine values.


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