Nutrition for insomnia: which foods to eat and which to avoid

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Insomnia represents a big problem for many people. Fight it it is an absolutely achievable goal. The solutions to get out of the tunnel of insomnia are there and they are all natural. Those that we propose today, however, we find them on the plate. It's at table, in fact, that the better natural responses to find a good restful sleep.

> The causes of insomnia

> What are biorhythms

> Don'ts and foods to avoid to sleep well

> Foods that promote sleep  


Milk among foods for insomnia



The causes of insomnia

There are very few people who are lucky enough not to suffer from insomnia, if we talk about chronic or periodic insomnia. But at least each of us has happened to not sleep at least one night for some reason or episodically.

The tiredness showing up the morning after a difficult night is debilitating. Insomnia leaves heavy aftermath and nervousness, especially in the most sensitive people and not very resistant to stress by constitution. But because you can suffer from insomnia?

We can say with certainty that worries and problems are two of the many factors that can lead to a state of insomnia. At the base, however, we almost always find a family predisposition or an approach that was not well managed from the beginning, in the life of the newborn, in the delicate transition from the maternal bed to the cot. A moment that should instead represent a new conquest towards autonomy (cot, bedroom and own spaces).

The adults they carry with them childhood night fears and therefore there are many more unsolved than we can imagine. Silencing this aspect is almost always the shame of not being understood and therefore derided.

The causes of insomnia can also be of origine iatrogena, therefore subject to the use of drugs and supplements. Or there are diseases that cause restlessness at night or disturbances that prevent you from sleeping well. Those who suffer from restless legs syndrome are prone to suffering from insomnia. People with one difficult digestion mainly due to nervous factors, disturbed sleep. But even those who do not breathe well, those who suffer from incontinence or those who are overweight can spend the nights with their eyes wide open “counting sheep”.

This condition is also typical in workers who work multiple shifts and struggle to find the right rhythms. In all these cases we cannot speak of real insomnia although there are actual difficulties in finding a restful sleep. Rather it is "induced insomnia". The solution in these cases is in the resolution of the problems that cause it and that are external to the actual insomnia.


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What are biorhythms

Sleeping well is a necessity and not a habit. By sleeping, the body recovers its energy and starts up regenerated.

The needs for rest, however, change according to age groups. THE Infants they spend most of their briefcases sleeping, reducing the time spent resting for growth needs. The teens he adults they have different energies and needs and therefore subjective but also constitutional. The elderly instead, physiologically they sleep less hours but have a slower recovery.

The circadian rhythms, however, mark the rhythms flawlessly. It is to them that the body reacts like an obedient toy soldier. With the light of the sun we "activate" and with the dark we should instead "withdraw" and rest as the more instinctive animals of us human beings do.


Don'ts and foods to avoid to sleep well

To overcome insomnia, a few simple rules can be adopted. The first is that of carve out their own and satisfying spaces and that they are external to the work or family environment. Finding activities that gratify and help us release accumulated tensions are undoubtedly more beneficial and healthful than sleeping pills.

È not recommended to read books or watch movies that somehow can excite the nervous system or that can awaken hidden fears. Avoid eating sugars and nerve drinks (coffee, tea, cola). Eat at a time that allows digestion before you go to bed. Have a light, dissociated evening meal.

There are some supplements that are absolutely not recommended if you wish to be welcomed into the arms of Morpheus. We are talking above all about those used to lose weight, to stimulate the metabolism or to overcome physical and mental fatigue such as green tea, maté, guarana and ginseng.

If you hire gods sleeping pills know that they may have a paradox effect if you do not carefully follow all the methods of use. Eating a lot and heavy can create problems for the good continuation of your rest. But know that going to bed on an empty stomach can be even worse.


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Foods that promote sleep

Beyond the causes, where it is possible to act there are gods foods that help fight insomnia. Foods that contain tryptophan are the ones to be favored. More technically, tryptophan is an essential amino acid. One of its characteristics is that of activate serotonin better known as the good mood hormone.

One food that contains serotonin is milk. But he is not the only one. In our next shopping, in addition to milk and its derivatives such as yogurt and low-fat cheeses we also buy eggs and chocolate. We add seeds and nuts.

Fruit but especially bananas help to induce sleep. We also do not skimp on the consumption of cereals like rice, good legumes but also some types of fish.

It is possible to enhance the effect of these foods by helping with the preparation of herbal teas with relaxing and soothing properties. The recommended herbs are: la melissa, linden, passionflower, hawthorn, chamomile, orange blossom, verbena.

The lavender essential oil to be spread in the environment is the perfect crowning glory for a peaceful night.


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