Nutrition for fatigue: what foods to eat

L'supply suitable to cure all forms of fatigue it is the one that supplies the organism with the right energy. Let's find out which foods to eat and when.

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Nutrition for fatigue: what foods to eat



Symptoms and causes of fatigue

There is tiredness and fatigue. There is a physiological fatigue, which appears at particular times of the year, especially when the seasons change; a stress fatigue; a fatigue related to depression; a fatigue due to organic causes, for example an illness. Then, when fatigue becomes chronic and becomes debilitating to the point of making it difficult to carry out normal daily activities, we can talk about chronic fatigue syndrome.

The causes of fatigue can therefore be many: infections, digestive difficulties, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, very demanding work activity from the point of view of physical exertion, insomnia, anorexia, obesity, depression, food allergies, stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, drug therapies. Sometimes there may be no apparent cause.

Understanding the cause of fatigue is not always easy and often the symptom is not taken seriously. It is common, in fact, that the person affected by chronic fatigue is considered simply lazy. When a person always feels tired, to the point that normal daily activities become difficult, it is always necessary to consult a doctor who, first of all, will try to identify the cause or set of causes, recommending a battery of tests.

Therapy depends on the cause, but from physiological fatigue to chronic fatigue syndrome, treatment cannot be separated from proper nutrition, which aims to provide the affected person with all the necessary nutrients.


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Nutrition for fatigue: what foods to eat


The correct diet against fatigue

The diet against fatigue must be rich in nutrients that guarantee the body the right energy. With this in mind, it is essential to eat at regular intervals; many symptoms, in fact, can be linked to extremely low sugar levels. To avoid glycemic controlIt is therefore good to have small and frequent meals. In addition, aglutamine-rich diet, an amino acid that promotes the synthesis of proteins, thus contributing to the energy supply.

If there are no contraindications, consuming chocolate on a daily basis can be useful, as long as it is dark chocolate, preferably 85% cocoa. Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants; it has also been shown to raise levels of Serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for mood. It can therefore help combat the symptoms of depression and, consequently, the fatigue related to this pathology.

It is certainly very important to rebalance the contribution of minerals, especially magnesium and potassium, and vitamins. A diet that guarantees the body the right amount of vitamins and minerals can be sufficient to combat the symptoms of fatigue, especially when it comes to physiological fatigue.

It is also good to remember that the need for nutrients changes with age and according to sex, work activity and the particular period of life. For example, a pregnant woman will need a different quantity and quality of nutrients than a woman of the same age who is not expecting a baby.

Sometimes the cause of fatigue can be an excessively rich diet simple sugars, as these create an immediate surge of energy and a subsequent crash. In the period in which the energy drops, the subject feels tired, feels the desire for other sweet foods and thus a vicious circle is created.

This type of fatigue creates a sort of addiction because the more sweet foods you consume, the greater the amount needed by the body to obtain the same energy. Sweets and treats are useful when there is a need for immediately available energy, but they create the opposite effect when overused. Those who suffer from fatigue need energy that lasts longer, to be used more slowly; you can get it by consuming, for example, dried fruit and seeds.

Those who suffer from a chronic feeling of fatigue should finally follow alow-fat diet. Too much fat weighs down the body and promotes body weight gain. In overweight people, weight loss reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue. 

Natural energizing herbal teas are also very useful, helping to give a boost of energy in times of fatigue, asthenia, drowsiness.


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Did you know that

It is often thought that to cure fatigue it is necessary to limit thephysical exercise. This is actually only true in some cases, for example in chronic fatigue syndrome.

In fact, there are situations in which physical exercise can be useful in fighting fatigue because it enhances vitality; in addition, the endorphins released during physical activity can help fight depression.

Finally, in overweight people, moving regularly promotes weight loss, an indispensable condition for improving the feeling of tiredness. Obviously, physical exercise must be commensurate with the person's age, sex and health condition.


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