Nutrition for acne: what to eat and what to avoid

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L’acne he is the worst enemy of teenagers and anyone who has had them. Pimples are not just an aesthetic problem but a problem that should not be underestimated. To minimize acne (more from an aesthetic point of view), we manage by trying to camouflage it as we can, using cosmetic creams or covering foundations that only mask the problem rather than solve it.

I curative treatments with local application they prove effective but only in the short term. Let's see together the best strategies, causes and foods that help us fight acne permanently.

> What is acne and who it affects

>  Le cause dell'acne

> Nutrition in case of acne


Lemon among the foods against acne

Nutrition for acne: what to eat and what to avoid


What is acne and who it affects

L’acne it is not a typically adolescent problem and manifests itself with different characteristics depending on age or sex. Therefore we identify among the various forms, juvenile acne (or acne vulgaris), acne rosacea, folliculitis, perioral (to be considered more as a form of dermatitis) and that caused by the use of drugs.

Juvenile acne it is formed because the endocrine system is in a phase of upheaval and lasts until the moment in which the hormonal balance stabilizes. This process has a length that varies from subject to subject. Family and constitutional predispositions together with environmental factors affect each person differently. Juvenile acne presents with impure skin (comedones or blackheads), pimples and cysts. The phenomenon is often not limited only to the face but also extends to other larger areas such as the chest and back.

Rosacea it is also called late acne. It affects in fact in mature age with a redness of the skin of the face around the nose and cheeks, better defined as couperose. The presence of pustules accompanies the inflammation of the follicles.

Folliculitis it can have multiple causes. It can result from irritation of the follicles or from a bacterial infection or after antibiotic therapy.

L'acne periorale it is more a dermatitis than a real acne. It is usually temporary and is generally an intolerance to cosmetic substances or toothpastes. Taking heavy and long-term drugs can cause saturation phenomena that the body purges through the skin with pustules spread throughout the body. 

Le cause dell'acne

Acne is mistakenly considered an aesthetic problem rather than a symptom to be carefully evaluated and investigated. The excessive use of cosmetics with a covering effect or of poor or inadequate products tend to inflame the follicles and make the problem worse.

The only cosmetic treatment with creams and lotions is a non-resolving palliative. Instead, it can be combined with targeted therapies. 

The causes, as we have already mentioned, are of various origins. It is therefore good to investigate the problem adequately. For teenagers but also and above all for women of any age it is necessary to evaluate a possible hormonal imbalance

Often an intoxicated liver and an intestine that is not working properly must also be given a review of the diet which, as always, plays a decisive role in improving the state of well-being of the organism.


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Nutrition for acne: what to eat and what to avoid


Nutrition for acne 

The foods that must not be missing are:

  • Ventilated green clay is a good remedy to drink on an empty stomach in the morning in warm water. Has the property of cleanse the organism from the inside. It is tasteless and odorless, therefore pleasant to drink.
  • Lemon: its juice freshly squeezed and drunk on an empty stomach with a nice glass of warm water or at room temperature is a valid alternative that can replace clay. In this way it acts on the intestine and liver. As it turns out, these are two conditions necessary for acne improvement.
  • Probiotics. These substances are extremely useful for the cleansing and good functioning of the intestine. By reflex they act on the skin giving a clean and luminous face.
  • Mauve. A good herbal tea of ​​this flower has adecongestant and soothing action. It is possible to drink the herbal tea up to four cups a day and you can also make a compress to be dabbed directly on the inflamed areas.
  • Green tea. Green tea is one of the basic remedies for solving the problem. You can drink it as an infusion or better it would be to take capsules titrated at 96 / in epigallocatechinegallate.
  • Omega three. Let's leave junk food aside, fried and fatty meats and let's go for fish. Salmon, tuna, mackerel and other fish are rich in omega three for the benefit of our health and skin well-being.
  • Wheat germ, extra virgin olive oil, dried fruit such as almonds and hazelnuts, aromatic herbs such as sage (also has a good effect on hormonal regulation) and thyme, egg and some cereals I'm rich in vitamin E. This vitamin is also known as the skin vitamin. It is a good antioxidant and defends us from the feared free radicals.
  • Fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Vegetables in large quantities must never be missing on our table together with fruit. Vegetables and fruit, satiate, help bowel function, clean the liver and thanks to the presence of phytohormones in some of them, they also act on the hormonal axis for its balance. In addition, we take vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system.



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