Nutrition and health

There is no ideal diet for everyone. Each of us should follow a diet suited to his person, by age, gender and general health conditions. Here you will find lots of information on the relationship between nutrition and health.

> 1. The relationship between nutrition and health

> 2. The science of nutrition

> 3. Our guides on nutrition and health


The relationship between nutrition and health

Power it is one of the factors that contributes most to the promotion and maintenance of good health throughout one's life.

Ever since man passed from the condition of a nomadic hunter and shepherd to that of a permanent farmer, there has been a continuous progress in agricultural techniques and industrial processing processes which, in the most advanced countries, has translated into availability more and more of food.

This made it possible to achieve important goals, such as the disappearance of malnutrition and many diseases due to lack or deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It has also allowed greater resistance to infectious diseases, a longer life expectancy and better growth processes for children.

But there is the downside. The increased availability of food, combined with the lifestyle of the contemporary western world, increasingly sedentary, are having a negative impact on health.

Incorrect nutrition, together with bad habits, is the basis of the increasing incidence of some diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol e tumors.

There are elements, correlated with nutrition, which are able to modify the probability of the appearance of a specific health problem; nutrition therefore helps to prevent. Furthermore, foods are able to act on certain conditions, modifying them; nutrition, therefore, also helps to cure.

Nutrition and health are an almost inseparable combination.


The science of nutrition

The relationship between nutrition and health is the subject of many studies and many sciences. Food science is a very broad subject that includes many other disciplines.

Dietology, for example, it deals with the effects of foods on metabolism and also examines the aspects related to digestion. She studies the combination and distribution of foods more suited to the physiological and / or pathological characteristics of the individual; the number and rhythm of meals; how to cook food. All with the aim of preserving the state of health and well-being of the person.

When we talk about the relationship between nutrition and health, we cannot fail to mention nutraceutica, a rather young but very interesting discipline. The term, coined in the late XNUMXs, is a synthesis between nutrition and pharmaceuticals. Nutraceuticals therefore deals with food as medicine and studies the extracts of plants, animals, minerals and microorganisms sharing a beneficial health function.

So it's really true: health comes with eating. As Hippocrates, father of medicine said: Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food.


Nutrition, our ally in the fight against cancer


Our guides on nutrition and health

In this section you can consult detailed guides on recommended nutrition for specific ailment. You will therefore discover how to limit sodium consumption in case of cellulite, what is best to eat and which foods are preferable to avoid if you suffer from high cholesterol or hypertension. what are the foods that cause aerophagia… and so on.

There are also phases of life in which nutrition is of particular importance. It happens above all to women who, in the course of their existence, encounter situations that, although not pathological, require more attention to how they eat.

Taking a look at the tab onnutrition during pregnancy, for example, you will read that during the fateful nine months you shouldn't eat for two, but twice better and scrolling the page onfeeding for breastfeeding maternal you will be able to dispel some false myths on the subject.

Health is strongly influenced by nutrition. Taking care of your diet is the first fundamental rule to stay healthy.


There are foods that have an important role in psycho-physical well-being and in the prevention of some pathologies: discover functional foods.

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