Nutrition and Cellulite

Nutrition and Cellulite
First part: Diet and Cellulite

Foods Not Recommended

Foods Not recommended in the presence of Cellulite

Il sale and in particular the sodium contained in it are some of the main allies of cellulite. This mineral is in fact one of the many factors capable of increasing the body's water retention. In a woman suffering from cellulite, this disorder is already accentuated due to the altered functionality of the venous and lymphatic system.

For this reason it is important to consume foods with diuretic properties in the diet, avoiding those which, such as salt, promote water retention.

Limiting the sodium intake with food is all in all easy, just take a few simple precautions:

  • Do not salt the dishes
  • Use a little salt during cooking (when preparing pasta, get used, for example, to add salt after cooking; in this way the amount of salt absorbed by the pasta is considerably reduced)
  • Limit the consumption of salted or processed foods (sausages, cheeses, chips, etc.)
  • Limit the consumption of packaged foods
  • Enhance the flavor of foods with spices, lemon or traditional / balsamic vinegar
  • If fruit is appreciated, it can be eaten as a substitute for salty snacks.

Foods recommended to take a lot of potassium and very little sodium, thus favoring the drainage of liquids

Food Potassium (mg / 100 g of food) Sodium (mg / 100 g of food)
Dried mushrooms 5370 32
apricots 1370 11
White beans 1300 3
peas 930 26
Raisins 860 53
almonds 835 20
Dried plums 824 8
Sunflower seeds 725 2
Dried dates 649 18
Potatoes 411 3
Broccoli 373 14
Fresh mushrooms 367 3
oatmeal 360 5
Red meat 340 51
Turkey 333 46
Rice 150 10
Mele 44 3
Onions 135 9

However, it must be remembered that the sodium it's a essential mineral for the organism and an excessive deficiency, even if difficult to achieve with normal nutrition, could have important side effects (nausea, muscle cramps, fatigue, mental apathy).

Anti-Cellulite Smoothie - Tips to Eliminate Cellulite

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Other foods not recommended

  •  Smoked, grilled or fried foods;
  • Sweets;
  •  Fatty meats and cheeses;
  • Preserved meat;
  •  Spirits;
  • Pizza (especially with cured meats or cheeses);
  • Sausages and preserved meats in general.

All these foods, of course, must not completely disappear from one's diet, but must be consumed with careful moderation.

Sometimes in the diet, as in life, a relaxing break is necessary, a break from the rule capable of giving new physical and mental energies. Even when fighting cellulite, similar moments can happen, especially during the weekend. To limit the damage, it is advisable to follow a purifying diet in the following twenty-four hours as specified in the previous paragraph.

In the article "Food Tips" general principles are set out which are not directly related to cellulite but are extremely useful for improving the effectiveness and quality of one's diet.

Physical Activity and Cellulite

Importance of Exercise Against Cellulite

In all likelihood, physical activity alone takes on an equivalent if not even greater role than all the dietary advice seen so far. Some motor activities are in fact able to reduce cellulite both thanks to a greater oxidation of fats for energy purposes, and thanks to an improvement in the microcirculation. More generally, sport has the great advantage of improving the efficiency of the whole organism by promoting microcirculation at the level of the muscular regions involved.

To maximize results and promote cellulite reduction, however, it is important to respect some rules. First of all, we recommend aerobic sporting activity such as a long walk, a swim or a nice ride at a moderate pace. Instead, overly intense activities such as weight lifting, running and spinning should be avoided.

For further information: Cellulite, Remedies and Physical Activity


The diet and physical activity illustrated in this article, together with cosmetic treatments and a general improvement in lifestyle, are very important to defeat cellulite and prevent its formation.

Given the seriousness of the problem, however, it is important to use these weapons at the same time. Only in this way will it be possible to obtain a clear improvement, not only aesthetic, but also physical and psychological.

Both in terms of diet and physical activity, it is necessary to proceed gradually. Excessive weight loss or rapid muscle decay can in fact highlight even more the hated cellulite.

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