November fruit and vegetables

When it comes to November fruit and vegetables, cabbages and apples immediately come to mind but we must not forget less used but equally precious fruits and vegetables.

Let's see what we shouldn't miss.


November fruit

In the November fruit basket they enter by right apples, pears, persimmons, kiwis and chestnuts. They also come the first citrus fruits, for example clementines. We should not miss those unfairly forgotten autumn fruits such as pomegranate and quince, rich in nutrients and very precious for our health.

Apples and pears are among the most common fruits on autumn tables, they are rich in fiber and vitamins and help the intestines to stay regular and healthy. They lend themselves to the preparation of autumn cakes and are excellent both cooked and raw.

Quince is a kind of hybrid between apple and pear. It is a very undervalued fruit and not very present in our diet; it is, however, precious above all thanks to the high content of pectin, a soluble dietary fiber which promotes intestinal regularity, blood sugar and cholesterol control. They are mainly eaten cooked and are excellent for the preparation of homemade jams and desserts.

Persimmons are very rich in minerals and help us to face the first colds with enthusiasm.

Kiwis provide a lot of vitamin C and contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

The pomegranate, long unjustly forgotten, is making a comeback "in fashion". It is a fruit known above all for its antioxidant qualities and is perfect for the preparation of natural and healthy juices.

Finally, we cannot miss chestnuts. They are not really fruits; they are, in fact, chestnut seeds and we should treat them differently from fruit. Chestnuts, in fact, are suitable to replace the carbohydrate part of the meal, they should therefore be eaten instead of, for example, pasta, bread, rice ... They are very rich in minerals and vitamins but also highly caloric.

November is not yet the ideal month to eat citrus fruits, which will be the protagonists above all of the December table, but we can certainly let ourselves be tempted by clementines, cedars and mandarins.


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November vegetables

November is above all the month of cabbages of all kinds. Let's try them all: cauliflower, green and red cabbage, black cabbage, broccoli… they are all very rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. They also have a good chlorophyll content and, consequently, they help the body to produce hemoglobin and to counteract anemia.

Let us also not miss the turnip greens, widely used especially in the southern regions, excellent for the preparation of healthy and natural first courses.

November is also the month of the pumpkin which, thanks to its delicate flavor, lends itself to the preparation of many dishes, from appetizers to desserts. There are many types of pumpkin, each with its own characteristics, let's have fun discovering more than a few. Pumpkins are very low in calories in the face of a high satiating power e they also help us lose a few pounds. The extreme digestibility makes them suitable for feeding very young children and the elderly.


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