Not just probiotics: raise your defenses with the new postbiotics

    Not just probiotics: raise your defenses with the new postbiotics
    by Gregorio Grassi

    After the probiotics, i postbiotics, latest generation super ferments ready to rebalance the intestinal microbiota. In other words, those billions of "good" bacteria which, by improving the intestinal flora, strengthen our immune defenses. Fruit of the most modern biotechnologies, the intake of postbiotics is a valid one preventive care to strengthen the organism in view of the autumn ailments. But what exactly are they? And what is the difference with the probiotics in yogurt pots, capsules, ampoules and sachets that we are used to taking after an illness or a therapy with antibiotics and cortisones?

    THE PRODUCTS DETHE FERMENTATION"When they reach the intestine, probiotics ferment, giving rise to vitamins, sugars, proteins and fatty acids," explains Dr. Maria Rescigno, researcher at the immunotherapy department of the Ieo in Milan, «but we know that the product of this fermentation varies a lot from person to person. Not only. Some probiotics fail to pass the gastric barrier, nullifying the action for which they are taken. Postbiotics are nothing more than the product of their fermentation ready for use. In fact, with postbiotics, scientists do in vitro what probiotics normally do in our gut. In this way they select the microorganisms and culture media (such as milk or cereals) most suitable for obtaining generalized effects, i.e. valid for the widest spectrum of people. Their direct assumption is therefore a big upgrade for our health, with safe and immediate efficacy».


    For preschoolers, always exposed to the fearsome "asylum" diseases, postbiotics act as a real cure-all. This is demonstrated by a study on 400 subjects from 1 to 4 years that involved the Ieo and the Universities of Milan, Naples and Palermo. The group of children who were given a fermented milk diet with Lactobacillus Paracasei CBA L74 experienced a 64% decrease in infections and a 75% reduction in antibiotic use compared to the group that maintained a normal diet based on powdered milk or cow's milk. The credit for these surprising results has been attributed to a postbiotic released by Lactobacillus in the liquid, a particular peptide capable of stimulating the response of young immune systems.

    With the exception of the formulated milk that was used in the study, there are still no postbiotic-based products on the market. "However, we can naturally find them already in those products that boast a strong presence of probiotics on their labels", explains our expert. "Before long we will also be able to buy specific supplements and vials for the intake of these magical substances". How can we get a homemade postbiotic? «I recommend making yogurt by fermenting Lactobacillus Plantarum. The resulting postbiotics are an excellent immunostimulant for every organism ».

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