Nobody likes me, everyone hates me!

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Robert Maurer

Nobody likes me, everyone hates me!

Last update: June 22, 2015

Many people spend their entire lives in the same workplace and never get the recognition or credit they think they deserve, either from their boss or from their colleagues. They are unable to make a career or to achieve their professional goals.

They often tend to think that the problem lies with the people around them, who do not understand them or do not accept them as they are. They feel they are the envy of all those who are not as good or smart as they think they are.

That's how I am, it's the others who don't understand me!

These people defend their way of being with the sword and devote enormous effort, time and energy to think about how wrong those who do not understand them and do not appreciate them are. They don't even try to become more empathetic or understanding of other people's reasons. They are blinded, because they just want to be understood, but they never put themselves in the shoes of others.

I hate my job, I deserve better!

They keep saying phrases like this, but they don't really do anything concrete to get a promotion, a salary, or a better job. They believe they deserve it, but they don't strive to excel and prove their qualities. They don't do even the simplest jobs well, because they consider them too inferior to their abilities, but they don't understand that, to get a promotion, they must first prove that they are really prepared, and this is achieved only by making others notice ours. talent, not our frustration.

I can't always smile!

This is another serious mistake: a smile is the key that opens all doors. If you are in a bad mood, depressed or upset, no one around you will feel comfortable and you will always be seen as the bad luck bird in the group. Remember that at work, you get paid to give your best and to fulfill the qualities that others need, not to bring your personal problems or frustrations to the office.

Only you can change things

Only if you can bring out your best side can you get everything you think you deserve. If you don't, you will be trapped in a vortex of dissatisfaction that will cause you to sink deeper and deeper into your being angry with the world. If you want your life to be different, do something to change it.

An advice that is always valid is the following: leave your personal problems at home and those of work in the office.

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