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    NLP and seduction: 3 effective techniques

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    Neurolinguistic programming can be used successfully in several areas of a person's life: from sales to effective public speaking; from feeling confident to instantly improving your mood.

    An interesting use that can be made of pnl is linked to the sphere of seduction. There are in fact several pnl techniques for seduction which are really very effective for building a bond with the desired person, and for quickly increasing his attraction towards you.

    Unfortunately there is a lot of ignorance regarding the themes of pnl and seduction, and even just seeing these two expressions written side by side triggers a sort of alarm in many people: the fear that it is manipulative and therefore illegal behavior.

    In reality, those who think like this could not be further from the truth: in seduction pnl is not used to manipulate the other, but only to value oneself and facilitate the creation of a bond. Nothing different than the behavior of a woman who puts on makeup before a date to be more attractive.

    Learning about NLP techniques related to seduction is a normal and useful thing, which can greatly improve the quality of your love life. So let's see in this article how pnl can be useful to you in seduction, especially if you are a man who is trying to improve your results with the opposite sex. Are you ready? Let's begin!

    Pnl seduction 

    It must be remembered that the female brain prefers emotionality, while the male brain is much more based on rationality. This causes the behaviors of a man interested in a woman could do not generate the necessary emotions in her, and consequently not make it sufficiently attracted and interested in deepening knowledge.

    Neurolinguistic programming can help in this regard. In particular, pnl can be used in seduction for:

    • Create a deep emotional connection with the person you like.
    • Improve your communication.
    • Instantly become more attractive.
    • Face each phase of seduction with greater self-confidence.
    • Overcoming the anxiety of approach.
    • Increase your seductive skills exponentially.

    Pnl seduction techniques 

    If you want to know more about neurolinguistic programming, I invite you to read my article on the history of NLP. Here, however, you will find some pnl and seduction techniques, mainly useful for men, but from which women can also benefit from certain benefits.

    1. Assumptions

    The use of presuppositions is a pnl technique linked to communication, which falls within the Milton Model. It consists of inserting sentences during the conversation that contain assumptions about how your interlocutor will behave. Several psychological studies have shown that the use of presuppositions increases the chances of the person behaving in the way we suggest they do. Here are some examples of assumptions: 

    • Do you prefer that we go out together at 19pm or 20pm? The assumption is that you will go out together, but it is "hidden" by the fact that the interlocutor's attention is focused on having to choose which of the two times is best for him.
    • In your opinion, am I more attractive or more sympathetic? Regardless of the answer, the assumption is that you have both qualities and that the other person recognizes them in you as well. 
    • When you go out with me you will have a great time. It holds the assumption that you will be dating.

    These phrases increase the chances that the person will behave as we have indicated, and if you want to create new ones you just need: 

    1. locate the assumption you want to use.
    2. invent a sentence that focuses the interlocutor's attention on something else while assuming that what you want will happen.

    2. Rapport and guidance 

    Another pnl technique useful for seduction is that of rapport.

    Our communication is based on three levels: 

    • Verbal (the words)
    • Non-verbal (everything the body does)
    • Paraverbal (everything related to the voice)

    To become more effective in seduction you need to "reflect”These three levels of communication in our interlocutor. We have to "copy" what he is doing with his body, with his voice and above all with his verbal language, because this will create a sense of familiarity and trust.

    The technique consists in reflecting the ways of saying and doing of our interlocutor with the aim of create a real complicity, which will then be used to guide the other person into a better and more productive frame of mind than they were in.  

    For example, if our interlocutor has his arms folded, we too must put our arms in this position. If, on the other hand, the person we are talking to has an object in his hand that comes between us and his body, we too can take an object in his hand.

    Doing this is only the first step, in fact we copy what our interlocutor does (without mimicking his behavior) with the aim of creating a connection that will serve us to guide the person towards a more productive behavior. 

    Once we have copied a certain number of gestures, if enough connection has been created, it will be enough for us to change for example the posture and this will increase the chances that our interlocutor will also do the same because of the mirror neurons

    This technique is very useful when:

    • Our interlocutor has closed body language and therefore we want him to be more receptive to what we are saying.
    • The person we are talking to is down in the dumps and we want to improve their mood.

    In seduction it can be useful to apply this technique to create a bond with the person we like, to make them feel positive emotions and to make them more attracted to us.

    3. Visualization

    The mental images that we create before each meeting, event and situation are really fundamental in determining the success of the event itself. For this reason, the pnl makes extensive use of the visualization technique.

    Our brain uses the mental images it has at its disposal to decide how to act in reality. If your images are positive, the resulting behavior is likely to be positive and effective as well. If the images are negative, the resulting behavior will be uncertain, ineffective and accompanied by negative emotions.

    For example, if before speaking in public you often imagine that you get everything wrong, probably when you really have to speak you will feel uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you imagine yourself totally confident, relaxed and in full control, you increase the chances of behaving and actually feeling like this when you then have to talk in reality.

    To apply the visualization technique to seduction, before each appointment, see in detail how you want to behave. Imagine yourself totally sure of you, charismatic, and imagine that the other person is fascinated by you and your way of doing. 

    The more you can visualize your desired behavior, and the desired result, the more likely the appointment will be successful. Of course, it's not enough just once: the visualization technique will become really effective for you only when you have made it a habit in your life.

    We have come to the end of this article on pnl techniques to seduce. Thank you for reading it all the way through. If you want to deepen the subject of seduction, I invite you to explore the entire related category of our blog. Soon!

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