Next Egg, launches 100% vegetable alternative eggs from a Japanese start-up

Next Meats, a Japanese company specializing in vegetable alternatives to meat, has announced that it has created a new product. It is Next Egg, 100% vegetable eggs.

A few days ago Next Meats launched its products in the United States with enormous success (they sold out in just one day). Now the food technology company, specialized in the research and development of alternative products to Japanese-style meat, has announced that it has successfully created a new product that will soon be launched on the Japanese market.

The Next Egg looks a lot like eggs but there is no trace of animal protein. It is in fact a 100% vegetable product designed to meet the needs of the vegan population and those who are allergic to eggs.

The company also sensed the deal, considering that Japan is among the 3 countries in the world where the most eggs are consumed (it ranks second after Mexico) and that at the moment there is almost no commercial option for vegan eggs in the country. to choose from.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that the new product will be launched first in its country of origin but, immediately after being tested by the local egg-loving population, the company intends to export it also abroad.  

The ingredients that make up the Next Egg and the launch date have not yet been disclosed. However, understanding the composition of this product could make the difference, at least for the more attentive consumers who now know that vegan alternatives (or rather industrial vegan products) are not always a healthy choice.

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Since the brand's other products are made using soy protein, it's possible that the 100% plant-based egg also uses this protein source.

But there is another aspect of the issue pointed out by the Japanese company: the environmental and ethical problems of the egg production process are not well known by consumers in the country. The new vegetable eggs also intend to raise awareness in this sense.

Ryo Shirai, CEO of Next Meats Holdings has in fact stated that, with the marketing of the new product, the company intends to increase awareness of the critical issues that egg production presents and reduce the carbon footprint of the sector by offering a more sustainable alternative. .

However, the Next Egg will not be the first plant egg experiment on the market. In fact, Eat Just Egg, an alternative based on mung beans, has already existed in the United States for some years.

Waiting to know what the ingredients of this new product are, one wonders if this is really the way to go to limit the damage of intensive farming. In the meantime, it is better to replace eggs with natural vegetable proteins (legumes in the first place) and not with processed industrial products.

Next Meats / PR Newswire

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