New guidelines for healthy eating

New guidelines from CREA

Il CREA, Food and Nutrition Research Center, presents the 2021 Edition of the Guidelines for a Healthy Diet in the countryside, which follows the previous one, that of 15, by 2003 years.

An updated insight for point out aspects not to be underestimated in proper nutrition.

What are we talking about when we talk about healthy eating

More fruits and vegetables, sustainable choices and important attention not to fall into the network of easy but risky diets.

The 2021 edition (released only in 2021) è longer than the previous ones revisions (over 200 pages) and is divided into 13 points, divided into four areas:

  1. Balance nutrients and maintain weight;
  2. more is better;
  3. less is more;
  4. choose variety, safety and sustainability.

For our country these are fundamental institutional indications to direct the population towards more correct and conscious eating and lifestyle habits, free from conditioning.

The text was written by a team of over 100 experts  with a focus on the prevention of overeating, the first alarm bell of the most serious scourge of the last 20 years:obesity.

Obesity is a pathology that, especially in the country, affects children to an increasing extent of the population showing increasingly worrying data.

The food pattern

In the past 15 years there has been a progressive move away from the attribution of value to the single "nutrient" or "food" in favor of a focus that favors rather the "food model".

A classic example of a food model is that "mediterranean": is the so-called food pattern, that is, the set of behaviors related to the use of food and the combination of foods that have the greatest impact on public health.

Among the main themes we find:

  • THEincreased consumption of fruit and vegetables: a must that every nutrition and health professional must pass on.

    Diets rich in fruit and vegetables, in fact, are associated with a minor incidence of chronic diseases and the research has only partially been able to identify the mechanisms and nutrients involved, so much so that when the same nutrients or bioactive molecules are conveyed by supplements, no preventive effect is obtained.
  • More whole grains and legumes: currently the el paeseni consume less than one portion per week, although the suggestion is to eat at least 3-4 portions.

    This in order to make the most of all the benefits of these important foods: good meat substitutes, they can provide proteins and iron.

    On whole grains there are no contraindications, except for specific pathological situations; It is also important, in this sense, not to demonize flours or refined products that can still be included as long as limited daily frequencies are respected.
  • Distrust of miracle diets: the advice is to always consult a specialist in the sector to be referred to a tailor-made diet therapy approach with a possible use of more rational and functional supplements to the real needs of the individual patient.
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