Nervous colitis: what to eat?

It can be very unpleasant, and those who have suffered from it know it well, to have a sudden attack of colitis just before a job interview, a university exam, before an important appointment.

Lintestine, brain and emotions they are closely connected, also from a biological point of view.

La nervous colitis it is a serious matter, to be treated from all points of view, not just intestinal.

While you also consider the phenomenon fromemotional aspect, try to consider nutrition as well.

Let's see what to eat and what not to eat in case of nervous colitis.


Nervous colitis: what to eat?

Given that the treatment of nervous colitis is of first and foremost medical expertise, and that there are foods that are well tolerated by some people and poorly tolerated by others, let's see some foods that are usually tolerated and preferable in case of colitis:

  • Legumes: only if well cooked and passed in a mixer, or peeled or in the form of flour
  • Fish: lean (e.g. cod)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Unsweetened fruit (which ferments) eg. orange, grapefruit
  • Whole grains, if tolerated; it is better to limit foods rich in fiber during periods of flare-up of colitis, using refined cereals, to reduce symptoms.
  • Lean meats
  • Eggs: maximum two per week


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Nervous colitis: what not to eat?

In case of colitis yes they will avoid all foods that ferment in the intestine, the exciting substances and spices that irritate the intestine itself, namely:

  • Te, caffe, cocoa and derivatives
  • Sweet products, pastry from the oven
  • Latte and derivatives
  • Spicy spices (paprika, chilli, curry for example) garlic and onion raw
  • Legumes with peel
  • Dried Fruit
  • Fruit sour and sugary (grapes, figs, persimmons ...)
  • Vegetables that favor the production of intestinal gas: Peppers, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower
  • Sweeteners (have laxative effects)
  • A lot of food and condiments grassi


Nervous colitis: good eating habits

In case of nervous colitis they can be useful dietary measures and supplements of some nutrients lost in diarrheal episodes.

  1. Vitamin B12 supplementation, also in case of surgical removal of the ileum
  2. Integration with natural anti-inflammatories such as Omega3, from flaxseed or pumpkin oil
  3. Prebiotics e lactic ferments that favor the regrowth of the correct bacterial flora.
  4. Pay attention to cooking methods: avoid frying, temperatures that are too high and excess seasonings
  5. Drink about 10 glasses of water a day, especially during episodes of diarrhea, to restore body fluids, and in periods of constipation, to facilitate intestinal transit
  6. Try it remedies such as mallow, lime or lemon balm or passion flower herbal teas, which reduce inflammation, promote sleep and serenity.


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