Negative Emotional Energy: 10 tips for creating a protective shield

Negative emotional energy it is practically everywhere. You meet her whenever you find someone who is constantly complaining about life, when a person tries to manipulate you into making you prioritize their needs, or when someone unloads their anger, frustration or resentment on you. takes away the joy, which steals our strength and ends up demotivating or making us feel bad, because we feel depressed, anxious or angry. Unfortunately, every day we are exposed to this negative emotional energy. This reaches us through the emotional reactions of the people around us or through the messages conveyed by the communication media.In fact, in a society like ours, it is difficult to stay away from this type of energy. The main problem is that if we are not aware of it and absorb it, it will produce a cumulative effect, which is very damaging to our emotional and physical balance. Therefore, it is essential to learn to deal with negative emotional energy in such a way. that it does not harm us or that its influence is as little as possible.

How to develop your emotional shield?

No one is a complete island in itself, so it is impossible not to be affected by negative emotional energy. Still, there are people who can cope with negativity by maintaining a positive attitude, as if they are protected by an emotional shield. What makes these people different?1. They create happiness within themselves. These people are not leaves moved by the wind, they do not base their happiness in external circumstances but understand that it is an internal state. Hence, they do not allow others to spoil their mood, they seek joy and peace within themselves.
2. They think positively. It is not a question of being naive optimists, but of knowing how to meet the positive side in adversity, learning to see reality through the appropriate lenses, instead of always looking through gray lenses. People who think as positively as possible can see things from different perspectives, and this prevents them from being emotionally destabilized.
3. They avoid impulsiveness. People "immune" to negative emotional energy do not repress their emotions and do not hide them, but they are able to control their impulsiveness, allowing reflection to dominate. Therefore, they do not fall into the web that manipulators or aggressive people create. These people carefully evaluate the next step, prioritizing their emotional stability above all else.
4. They accept failure. Negative emotional energy comes not only from others, but also from our inner dialogue. Therefore, it is important not to feed frustration and to accept failure or mistakes as part of life, as necessary steps towards growth. It is about accepting defeats without breaking down emotionally, regrouping and moving forward, without losing the urge, thinking that every time you fall you will be closer to your goal.
5. They don't seek approval. When your life depends on the approval of others, you give up control of your emotions and allow the opinions of those around you to determine your state of mind. Of course, we cannot be completely insensitive to the opinions of others, but we must prevent our self-esteem and mood from being dependent on good or bad criticism. People "immune" to negative emotional energy are those who do not seek the approval of others, because they are aware of the fact that an opinion is always a biased judgment that does not fully represent them.
6. They think there is always a solution. It is true that sometimes life is complicated and it is difficult to see a way out, but these people are aware of the fact that, even if they do not see the solution, it exists and sooner or later they will be able to find it. In this way they can stay positive even in adversity, and are able to keep an open mind in front of new opportunities, ready to take advantage of them when they arise.
7. They assume their responsibility. People who do not allow themselves to be infected with negative emotional energy are those who do not feel guilty, but take their share of the responsibility. In this way, whether they succeed or fail, they are aware that their decisions, attitudes and behaviors are what have brought them to this point. Taking this perspective, these people have greater control over their lives and a greater sense of satisfaction that wards off negativity.
8. They believe in themselves. The world will make sure to give you a thousand reasons to stop you from moving forward, so you will have to find more than a thousand positive ones to keep moving forward. To combat negative emotional energy, both that which comes from other people as well as that which comes from your own insecurities and fears, there is nothing better than promoting self-confidence, so you need to continually look for reasons to believe in. your strength and potential.
9. They relax. Relaxation is important because it allows us to release tensions and prevent them from building up to the point of harm. In fact, it has been shown that the old idea of ​​sleeping on it is always very effective, because during sleep our brain takes care of lightening the emotional impact of problems, so that when we wake up we can see them in a more objective and rational perspective. Therefore, to create a shield against negative emotional energy it is essential to dedicate time to rest and relaxation, which act as a flowing river that sweeps away all negativity with it.
10. Create a positive environment. Although we are strong and emotionally stable, if we are surrounded by negative people it is difficult not to end up infected. Therefore, it is important to clean up our environment and make sure that we spend as much time as possible in the company of positive people who bring us something, not people who constantly complain, who are pessimistic and who explode at the slightest problem. Think of your personal relationships as a garden and only cultivate those that truly make you feel good.Learn how to defend yourself from manipulators by learning to recognize and manage them by reading this book.
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