Natural tonic, strength to our body

The need for natural restoratives it makes itself felt in different phases of our life, usually in the post-illness period, in case of weight loss or following stressful periods due to too many commitments or emotional tensions.

Sometimes it is important to consider taking natural restoratives in addition to balance diet and food, even in the change of season, especially in the transition from hot to cold, in autumn, when there is a risk of weakening the body and making it more sensitive to seasonal ailments, colds and fatigue.

Let's see what the natural tonic that can do for us.


Honey and its derivatives

Pollen, fine and sticky powder which constitutes the fecundating matter of the flowers, is an effective one mineral concentrate such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, present in easily assimilable forms. Not only that: every single pollen grain contains all the elements necessary for life: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, enzymes and hormones, present in different proportions based on the flower from which they originate.

Honey is the sugary substance elaborated by bees from flower nectar or honeydew and no additives are added. More than three hundred different compounds are found in honey: carbohydrates, fructose, water, mineral salts (potassium, calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium and iron), Vitamins (group B above all), organic acids, enzymes; their proportions vary according to the origin of the nectar or honeydew, the clearest honeys are those with lower mineral content, for example.

The virtues and beneficial properties of pollen and honey make them useful for improving the body's adaptation and response to stressful events of various kinds. The use of pollen is also widespread in the sports field, where its richness in minerals, vitamins and amino acids is appreciated.

La royal jelly is a substance secreted by the pharyngeal glands of nurse bees. Used as food for the first days of life of all the larvae and later only for the queen bee, royal jelly is rich in hormones, minerals and vitamins, for this used equally as valid supplement.


The algae that strengthen

Spirulina as a tonic is ideal, as it is an algae rich in minerals, especially iron, and vitamins of group B, A, C, E.

La klamath is another alga that grows wild in one of the most pristine and rich in volcanic mineral deposits that exist today on the planet. It is a very expensive algae but much richer than spirulina.

These microalgae from Lake Klamath (Cascade Mountains, USA) contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, pigments, essential fatty acids. Their high price is also due to the difficulty in finding them, but the advantages are considerable, as in addition to strengthening the body, they help eliminate harmful waste.


Spirulina, the food microalgae of the future


Restorative plants or roots

Il ginseng it is a root with tonic properties of Asian origin which contains, in addition to ginsenosides, many other nutrients such as minerals (sodium, potassium, zinc, calcium, manganese, phosphorus and iron) and vitamins (especially B1 and B12). Ginseng root is used as a tonic to give energy to the whole organism: it improves blood circulation, fights diabetes, flu or bronchitis, as well as mild depression, helps memory and concentration.

Eleutherococcus root, also called Siberian ginseng, is used in phytotherapy for its remarkable tonic and adaptogenic properties, able to improve the body's resistance to external attacks and "adapt" it to climatic and seasonal changes. Eleutherococcus stimulates metabolism and balances energy, making the use of the plant indicated in states of stress and overexertion, in convalescence, in psycho-physical exhaustion, in hypotension, and when a greater capacity for performance is required. in sports or concentration and attention in the study. Its use is indicated for the prevention of infectious diseases and influenza forms.

Il blackthorn it is a very common plant in the country. Its fruits are very rich in substances that stimulate the appetite and strengthen the body, such as vitamins B and C, mineral salts and tannins. The blackthorn is also ideal for the little ones, it can also be used in cases of gingivitis e pharyngitis. In addition to the fruits, the flowers, leaves and bark are also used, which have anti-inflammatory, laxative, purifying and astringent properties

Among other natural vegetable tonic also remember the guarana which also helps to feel satiety, perfect for those who want to diet.

The baobab, rich in minerals and vitamins, oats and germ of granor, which give strength with their nutrients and vitamins, the hay grecor, nourishing and restorative, it benefits those who are debilitated, convalescent or suffering from nervous disorders that lead to excessive thinness.

Curiosity: maca, it is known as "women's ginseng", perhaps not only because it does not cause nervousness, but also because it regulates hormones. The maca plant in fact offers an additional supply of energy that counteracts all the ailments related to menopause and positively influences the testosterone production!


Baobab, the natural restorative supplement for the intestine

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