Natural supplements: orange for orange peel skin

Let's do a riddle. We are talking about a feared enemy of women. A couple of special signs as a clue? 

  1. Worsens in the absence of physical activity
  2. There are different types, more or less settled, which can be solved in different ways

It is the cellulitis. That pinching the skin and finding it not very compact, strewn with die-hard furrows. Like a peel, in fact. Ironically, among the most suitable natural supplements to combat cellulite, there seems to be a fruit that has the skin: thebitter orange.
The plant is native to India and grows well in subtropical climate regions. In China, the bitter orange plant (zishi) is also used a lot for its properties.


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L'bitter orange it is now used in fat burning or thermogenic supplements because it contains a substance called synephrine. Synephrine, also known as Citrus aurantium, is the active ingredient of the Chinese bitter orange plant and helps control body weight and reduce fat assimilation.

In herbal medicine, Citrus Aurantium is also found in the form of dry extract as an aid in diets aimed at losing or maintaining weight. In fact, it seems that the synephrine stimulates the production of heat in the body (thermogenesis) and the use of fats for energy purposes (lipolysis).
The use of orange-based supplements is however contraindicated in cases of pregnant or breastfeeding women. It can also be dangerous in subjects at cardiovascular risk, such as obese, cardiopathic, hypertensive, hyperthyroid, and in children under 12 years of age.


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