Natural supplements for the winter

Natural supplements for the winter

As every year with the arrival of autumn, we ask ourselves how to face the immediately following season: winter.

The cold, the dark, the decrease in energy, and the proliferation of viruses and bacteria, make winter the time of the year in which flu manifestations are concentrated, such as fever, cough, and colds.

We can prepare properly for winter starting from the autumn months, and thus spend the period in which most people go to bed struck by some "seasonal malaise" in a more protected state.

Much can be done for boost the immune system.

Here are some tips for prevent seasonal ailments with the right supplements and proper nutrition.


Natural supplements to prevent winter ailments


For those who are more subject to fever can protect themselves throughout the winter season by taking theechinacea: it is useful both as prevention That like care.

If you use the mother tincture, to the extent of 25 drops once a day from October to March. Has antiviral, antibacterial and antibiotic effect, and has no contraindications.

In case of already present flu you can increase from 25 to 30 drops of mother tincture, always dissolved in water, for one or two weeks.


Echinacea: a flower as a shield against winter ailments



La propolis constitutes another natural remedy, too quote, for the winter. Propolis is commercially available in the form of tablets, sprays, syrups or raw granules, and can be taken as antiviral and natural antibiotic.

Its action allows you to prevent and dispose of flu fevers, fight inflammation of the respiratory system.



L'aloe, both in gel and in juice, as a winter supplement allows you to boost the immune system and is an excellent vitamin supplement, including B vitamins.



Finally, turmeric is also excellent as a cure and prevention. To hire the golden milk for about a month, once a day, boosts the immune system, while in case of colds it helps in the disposal of mucus and fever.

Furthermore, golden milk is particularly suitable in this season to help the stomach and intestines work, often put to the test by meals richer in fats and proteins, enhancing the work of the liver and contributing to the reduction of cholesterol.



Winter is then the season in which honey is rediscovered, dissolved in herbal teas and tea, and used as a remedy for coughs and colds. Fir and eucalyptus honey are the best among many, for theirs antiviral and expectorant properties, useful in case of sinusitis and catarrh.


Prepare for winter starting with nutrition

La macrobiotics teaches that every season brings the right food to nature to deal with the inconveniences that may arise.

And then in winter they abound oranges and citrus fruits which, with their contribution of vitamin C, have always been used in case of colds and flu and to strengthen the immune system. Also Kiwi, in season at the beginning of winter, they contain a lot of vitamin C. In autumn and then gradually during the winter, crucifers abound: Savoy cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens, broccoli they have properties antioxidants and a fair amount of vitamin C and minerals.

It is also useful avoid eating certain foods che can increase internal inflammation or mucus production. In winter it is normal for those who are not vegetarians or vegans to feel like more fatty foods and elaborate and stewed meats abound in winter recipes; unfortunately however a excess lipids and proteins can lead to overexertion of the liver on the one hand and the development of intestinal fevers on the other.

Hand in hand i dairy products, aged cheeses, sugars and sweets, as well as all refined flours, contribute to the increase of internal mucus production. This leads to the development of manifestations affecting the respiratory system, colds and sinusitis.

A healthy eating can include these foods in limited portions without excessive consequences, if so strengthens the intestinal system allowing it to eliminate waste, and if you decrease the excess in favor of a minimum increase in fresh and natural foodsi.

To boost the immune system starting with a good one intestinal flora It is useful to supplement the diet with miso: it can be used pure spread on crackers or dissolved in hot water. Macrobiotics recommends a miso soup before each main meal: rich in ferments, miso aids digestion and its yang nature warms and invigorates.


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