Natural slimming: boost to metabolism

Losing weight and detoxing are concepts that are closer than we expect. Nature puts us in a position to do both, introducing foods that are real natural slimming products into the diet. 


Discovering natural slimming

Talking about natural slimming means exploring the world of supplements made available by nature, fresh foods, juices and centrifuged that are effective for slimming, toning and restarting the physiological processes. Losing weight with natural slimming means eliminating toxins, avoid stretch marks and flaccidity and eat foods that start the metabolism, especially if the diet is combined withconstant physical activity.

A body all pepper (roncino)

Don't hesitate to sprinkle some chilli pepper on your daily meal. The chili thins the circulation, acts according to a thermogenic mode that helps to dispose of excess fat.

Alternate the fresh chili pepper with the powder, add it to sauces, side dishes, meat, fish, together with basil, oregano, capers. And finish the masterpieces with excellent olive oil.


Soups like never before

Soups reactivate the diuresis and peristalsis, are a habit that requires care, because preparation often requires premeditation and calm, required by the cooking times. Enjoy your favorite vegetables in soup, boil them in water and enrich everything with bay leaves, potatoes, carrots, celery, coriander.

If you opt for one instead pasta with chard or cooked vegetables, we advise you to cook farfalle or fusilli in the water in which you boiled the vegetables. You can also keep it, when the dish is prepared and tasted. Drinking that leftover water is a great way to enter Vitamins.


Vegetable as an appetizer

Call for platters of sausages mixed with cheeses as appetizers. If you are away from home, order, otherwise, prepare a mixed salad of rocket salad, digestive and diuretic, radishes, purifying and stimulating for the liver, lettuce, celery and songino, remineralizing. Taking the salad every day before main meals is also a useful way to quench the sense of hunger, since the fibers help to give the sense of satiety.

Finally, the recipe for a drink that will help you eliminate toxins: pink grapefruit, lemon, kiwi and lime. Take this draining drink on an empty stomach or between meals and, if you find it too acidic, you can dilute it with water. After 4 weeks already from the skin you can probe the state of purification reached.


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