Natural extracts that deflate the legs and purify the body

Natural extracts that deflate the legs and purify the body

Hot that dehydrates and swells

When the heat is aggressive, the risk is that the tissues dry up and dehydrate. With sweating we expel mineral salts and liquids, which affects muscle, visceral and epidermal tone. When we feel and appear more tired, less toned, perhaps there are too many toxins in the circulation and the body's "water system" is unable to dispose of them, also hampered by the lack of fluids. 

The fruit and vegetables of August help us a lot, but there are also remedies that can be introduced and combined.

When the body is full of toxins given by the stagnation of liquids, the energy level and the vital state are lowered. But between gemmoderivati, centrifuged and juices you can act on several fronts. Let's see the main remedies that nature makes available to combat abdominal swelling and the stagnation of liquids in the legs, with consequent water retention.


Bud extract and birch sap

In case of swelling in the legs and ankles and in the presence of uric acids it is good to contact your herbalist who will most likely recommend the bud extract of birch, perhaps combined with the assumption of the sap birch (half a glass in the morning for a month). The glycerine macerate of birch buds (Betula verrucosa) performs a double action: on the one hand it frees the tissues from metabolic waste and on the other drains and tones.

The positive effect is obtained at the level of kidneys and adrenal glands. In fact, birch stimulates the adrenal cortex and increases the production of endorphins, which also has a positive effect on mood. And, since there is an indissoluble link between the health of the kidneys and the skin, the appearance will also improve considerably.


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Juices that deflate: watercress and celery 

Il watercress juice frees from excess toxins and is rich in active ingredients that promote tissue stimulation. Very rich in mineral salts, it improves the blood and lymphatic circulation and counteracts the energy drops and the weakness caused by low pressure that the heat causes. 

Already after a couple of days of taking the skin is more compact and after a week the retention is visibly reduced. Just centrifuge a bunch of watercress, drink a teaspoon of juice every morning before breakfast, diluted in half a glass of apple juice (don't go to buy sugary products, look for pure ones, otherwise centrifuge an apple in water). We advise you to grow your own watercress, too sowing it in a pot to be kept on the balcony or at the window (however, it must be protected from direct sunlight).

To replenish the lost salts it is excellent celery juice. Rich in calcium, potassium, manganese, it rebalances and purifies the body, re-oxygenating the skin in depth. Excellent as an aperitif, perhaps centrifuged with a carrot and an apple, adding the juice of half a lemon squeezed. 

The sensation of global lightness of the whole body will be joined by abrighter epidermis, a less flaccid or swollen abdomen and incredibly more toned legs. In fact, these solutions quickly remove at least one cut around the thigh, deeply hydrating the body and eliminating toxins. 


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