Myprotein vegan cookie: the perfect cookies for athletes

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Myprotein vegan cookies combine the properties of protein cookies with ingredients for vegans. These are delicious snacks made from wheat flour and raw cane sugar with a content of 13/20 grams of protein per biscuit. In the Myprotein shop they are on sale in different flavors and even with a soft caramel heart.

If you are a sportsman, you will surely know the properties of these cookies. In fact, they allow you to treat yourself to a dessert at mid-day or at the end of a meal without any sense of guilt. That is, you can easily include them in your daily diet.

Are you interested in trying products that allow you to gain muscle mass just like protein cookies? Then, you have to use Myprotein Vegan Gainer. It is a blend of ingredients matched together for muscle mass gain. It is advisable to use this shake in the morning or before or after your daily workout. Simply add it to water or milk and shake for 30 seconds.

Myprotein vegan pancake: discover the sweet products for the sports diet

Not only that, Myprotein vegan cookie. The shop sells various vegan products made with ingredients selected within the factories of the English brand, which has obtained the AA Grade for Food Safety issued by the British Retail Consortium.

You can choose between different snacks:

  • chocolate protein cookies with vegan caramel filling
  • white chocolate protein brownie
  • Baked protein cookie with dark chocolate chips
  • triple chocolate protein biscuit
  • vegan pancake mix with milk, whey or egg protein

If you've never eaten protein cookies, you can take advantage of the sample formula. Myprotein offers you single-portion packs of biscuits to taste the various flavors and choose the one you like best. And if you choose the baked protein cookie, you will try a product that won The Cleanest Dirty Treat of the Men's Health 2021 Sports Nutrition Awards. These cookies are made with vegan ingredients like coconut oil and pea protein.

Would you also like to buy the Myprotein vegan pancake mix, but are you afraid it will be laborious preparation? You just have to add 2 scoops of 50 grams of mix in 100/150 ml of water or milk and mix. Heat some oil in a pan, pour in the batter and the pancakes are ready.

How to buy on Myprotein

Myprotein often offers discounts and reductions, such as the current 2X1 promotion on around 120 products. Furthermore, if you place an order for an amount over 50 euros, you can also take advantage of free shipping.

Would you like to stock up on products? So, make your purchases using a Myprotein discount code. Buy today all the products you need and enjoy an immediate reduction on the purchase price of 35%. However, you will find many promotions by scrolling through the list of available vouchers.

And if you have changed your mind, Myprotein allows you to exercise the right of return. You have 14 days from receipt of the package to exercise the right of return and send back the purchased products.

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