My wife left me and I'm desperate, what to do?

My wife left me and I'm desperate, what to do?

I am desperate, my wife left me, what to do?

If your wife just broke up with you, you most likely face one of the moments most difficult and dramatic ever. The pain of the loss, coupled with the realization that the backbone of your life is collapsing, makes you feel helpless and undecided about what to do to move forward.

My wife left me, now what?

I know it's not easy, but the first step is to take a deep breath and try to calm down. Your situation is bad, but not irrecoverable. You still have the chance to win your wife back by applying the right strategies, and above all by avoiding making other mistakes.

Regardless of the reasons why your relationship has ended, there are certain behaviors that will make your wife move away from you even more, while there are others that will greatly favor the rapprochement and the rebuilding of a positive relationship between the two of you. Let's see them together.

The wrong attitudes

If you start showing your weaknesses openly, by explicitly or implicitly communicating to your wife that without her you feel lost and your life has fallen apart, you will only give her additional reasons for never come back to you. I know that despair comes automatically, but you will never be able to win her back by showing yourself fragile and defenseless, in short, making her pity.

Remember that you leave a person it is a selfish act, which is done despite the suffering of the other person. Your ex knows you are in pain, but she doesn't care at this stage, as she is only thinking about herself and her happiness. For some reason she has come to think that her life will be better without you, and if you want to convince her otherwise you have to act differently.

Showing her your love, begging her, promising you will change, giving her gifts, or trying to get her to stay through logical reasoning will not help you improve the situation.

The right attitudes

So what to do if my wife has left me?

Every woman naturally feels attracted to strong men and emotionally stable, who react to life's challenges with determination and courage. Make sure you are determined to move forward despite his painful decision.

“Okay dear, if that's what you want I fully respect your decision. We can break up, and I am sure that in this way each of us will be able to find their own dimension and their own happiness. Maybe staying a little away is just what we need ”.

By showing sympathy, and accepting his choice to leave you, you will trigger mechanisms that will begin to work in your favor. You will release all the pressure and all the negative feelings that had formed between the two of you, creating an important space for her to miss you.

How to continue?

The next step will be to draw up a recovery plan, which takes into account the precise reasons why the relationship went into crisis. You will have to face a path of improvement, and understand the right ways and times to make a rapprochement with her.

My wife left me for another

What if your wife left you for someone else? What if he told you that he now loves another man and wants to try to build something with him? What to do in this case?

If you are experiencing the situation described above, in addition to feeling tremendous pain over what you are losing, I am willing to bet that you also feel deep anger that someone is taking away your most precious treasure: your wife.

The anger and the pain combined together they cloud our mental clarity and lead us to make very serious mistakes. In the throes of negative emotions we make outbursts of jealousy, threaten, beg, scream, cry ... but all this only makes things worse.

In private, you can give vent to your pain and anger as much as you want, but in front of her you have to be emotionally stable, even if she left you for another man.

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