My inner peace is not negotiable

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My inner peace is not negotiable

Last update: 24 March, 2022

When he woke up, it seemed like any other morning, but as he went to wash his face, he noticed something different. She was standing in front of the mirror when something from within, a deep force, brought her a message: I am your inner peace and you must start taking care of me.

The last few months had been very bad emotionally and she had lost any desire to appreciate the small gifts or gestures of everyday life. However, he knew that inner voice was right: it was time to prioritize and redefine a hierarchy, since the one in use until that morning had been totally canceled.

"If we do not have peace within us, it will be useless to seek it outside".

(Francois de la R.)

It is possible that, around her, there were millions of obstacles that prevented her from acquiring the art of healing herself; by now she understood that thinking about herself at least once a day would generate well-being. Finally, she had attached a mental post-it that said it was time to leave the woods she was in, mount a balloon and observe everything from above.

To counteract any kind of brake, spread your wings

He spent the day thinking. Initially, she realized how difficult it was to follow the purpose she had set: we live in a society that forces us to relate to others and that always keeps us busy, preventing our mind from focusing on our interests. As if engaging in it intentionally were a mortal sin, a sign of selfishness.

But it wasn't just that. He had fought against the most terrible monsters, who had let fear, anxiety and sadness take command of his life.. They had unleashed tears, fits of nostalgia and inner ruptures.

He also had to face bad decisions, delicate circumstances, hard times that were beyond his control. They slipped through her fingers, as if they were made of water. She couldn't forget all the times she walked blindfolded because of the people around her wanting to live two lives, theirs and hers.

But the best goals in life aren't easy to achieve, so that didn't necessarily have to be either. The pain had been inevitable and even useful, but now was the time for the pain to stop preventing her from experiencing once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Choose who you want to be

At that point he remembered something he had read a short time before: we are who we want to be, so it is a choice that must be made very carefully. It was just what he needed to prioritize him; once this step was taken, he had to act in harmony with them and remove the dissonance produced by the differences between thoughts and gestures.

"Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude".

(Denis Waitley)

She made the first decision: to leave behind what was holding her chained to the ground, to remind herself that she was a little special and to see again a light that seemed to have disappeared. After all, she was the protector of her dreams, the best ally of her self-esteem, and she was surrounded by people who never ceased to enlighten her with their affection.

She was intent on understanding that inner peace was linked to finding her place in the world and connecting with it. She smiled at the baker when she went to buy loaves in the morning, she was grateful for the little details, she gave love to her loved ones. Only in this way could she regain her balance and silence her monsters.

Inner peace is not a possibility, but a right

In the following days he realized what that deep voice he had heard meant: he had a right to be well and it was not a possibility to be negotiated. He had to fight for his serenity, for his calm and for his inner peace, since only in this way could he find happiness in the midst of all that fog.

"Bad times come by themselves,

The beautiful ones must be sought ".

(Sweet Chacon)

It was worth trying, especially because the well-being would have allowed her to understand that enjoying inner peace means "living in oneself", happy with what you have, what you do and what you share. From then on, she promised herself never to stop looking in the mirror, so as not to forget what she learned.

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