My girlfriend left me, will she come back? what should I do?

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My girlfriend left me, will she come back? How to win it back?

What should I do if she left me for someone else?

If she has left you I am convinced that you are going through a very phase difficult and delicate, of great pain and doubt. You don't understand the reasons for her decision and you don't know what to do to make her change her mind.

Many people who are let go in total panic and they commit terrible mistakes, which definitively prevent their reconquest even after months or years. For this reason I invite you to take a deep breath, relax for a moment, and read this article to the end, in which I will give you 10 fundamental tips to get your ex who left you back. Let's begin!

He left me, will he come back?

You must know that to the first question: “she has left me, will she come back?”, It is impossible to give a dry answer. The likelihood of his return depends on numerous factors, including how your story ended, its importance, how did you react after being left, how many mistakes have you made, and in general how the situation has developed up to the present day.

To get a better idea of ​​your situation, I invite you to take this quick online test: you will have to answer 15 simple questions about your relationship with the ex, and you will instantly get a result expressed as a percentage, which represents your probabilities of reconquest.

In any case you must know that whether she comes back or not will largely depend on what you do and what you will not do. from this moment on.

If you stop making the stupid mistakes that most guys make after they are broken up, you will do some self-work, study some relationship psychology, and return to your ex in the right ways, success will be almost insured. Regardless of your starting situation.

My girlfriend left me, what should I do?

Now you are wondering, “if she left me what should I do to win her back? ".

Below I want to give you 10 valuable tips to follow, which will greatly increase your chances of reconquest, but I advise you to deepen the subject also by reading my articles on how to win back an ex and how to win back an ex.

1. Don't chase her

The most common and sadly most wrong thing you can do at this stage is to continually search for your ex, oppressing her, crying on you, and repeatedly asking her to get back together with you.

You may think that if you insist a lot and show yourself very present you will be able to convince her to get back together, but the truth is that in this way you will turn into a doormat in her eyes and you will only make her move further away from you!

2. Don't show your negative emotions

Even if you are angry, destroyed, disappointed, hurt and jealous, you must not let these emotions show in front of her, otherwise you will give her more and more power within your relationship, and you will make her run away, certainly not come back.

Keep your negative emotions at bay, control them, work on yourself and don't manifest them in front of her. Instead, be calm and determined to move forward, showing that you have accepted his decision and indeed think it is the right thing.

3. Don't contact her for a while

An excellent strategy to adopt when you are left is the no contact rule, which I talk about in depth in my other article, which I refer you to read:

4. Analyze the reasons for the breakup

Take advantage of the period when you don't feel like it to thoroughly analyze the reasons for the end of your story, question your behaviors or ways of being that may have contributed to push her away and start a period of work on yourself.

Here it comes to do the man and take responsibility. The fact that she left you is not an injustice, for which you should be pitied, but rather a consequence of precise shortcomings that were in your relationship and it's up to you to fix if you want to get back with her.

5. Get cooler

Join the gym, renew your style, get a new haircut!

By making small or large changes in your aesthetics, the next time she sees you you can be sure that will be surprised and his heart will start beating wildly.

6. Regain your masculine energy

Find your masculine energy, or that sense of direction in life, of determination to follow her own path and achieve her goals, which is ultimately the real reason why a woman wants to have a man by her side.

If you're good with English, check out this great video by Elliott Hulse, which explains what male energy is using a very interesting metaphor about the penis and the vagina.

7. Make progress in your life

Try to bring improvement and progress in your life. Focus on your career, on another goal that is important to you to achieve, that your ex has nothing to do with.

Learn a new discipline, read a book on a new topic, or start a journey of personal growth. All of these things will help you tremendously to stop suffering, to find your direction in life, and indirectly also to bring your ex back to you.

8. Find your identity

Being alone after sharing months or years with a person can make you feel a bit confused, and ask yourself things like "what's the point of my life now?", Or "who am I without her?".

For this reason, you need to find your identity by going out with friends, cultivating old hobbies and finding new ones, doing something new, traveling and spending time with your family.

You existed even before you knew it, and you will always exist regardless of whether or not it is with you, so now you have to find yourself and fall in love with it.

As discovered by this scientific research, quickly regaining an individual dimension after the end of a relationship, allows you to regain happiness and psychological well-being much more quickly.

9. Re-open the contacts lightly

After the no-contact period you will be ready to contact her again, but this must be done in a manner very casual, light and friendly. No overly demanding messages at this stage, as it might just give her the impression that you are still under control.

10. Recreate the attraction

Be kind and aloof, showing the progress you've made during this time, and even making her a little jealous if you can. At the same time, strive to rebuild the basic relationship between you and stimulate his attraction towards you.

When you finally see her kind and willing to you, invite her to meet you for a coffee or a drink. Then continue to intensify the emotions even live, show everything in which you have improved and let it fall into your arms ?

He left me for another

My girlfriend left me for another… do I still have any hope?

Getting an ex back who has another man is certainly a very big challenge, especially since it will be much more difficult for you to manage your emotions.

You might feel humiliated, incredibly angry, and you may be inclined to give up altogether without even making an attempt.

Even in this case, however, it will be fundamental keep calm, and stick to a specific plan.

Beyond that, you will need to try to act faster to prevent your ex's relationship with the other man from solidifying.

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