My dog ​​is not a pet, it is my family

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My dog ​​is not a pet, it is my family

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Last update: 15 November 2021

It is often said that those who have never had a pet, who have never discovered what it means to live with a captivating cat or a dog obsessed with asking for a little attention, does not know the purest and most disinterested love.

This which offers itself in exchange for nothing, which is devoid of resentments and which, silently and through small details, makes life a more placid, pleasant and authentic scenario.

It is possible that for many people this idea is difficult to understand, especially if we understand the word family as the union of blood that establishes a certain type of relationship and kinship.

In reality this word can be understood in several ways. Sometimes blood is not enough to "create a family", because it is the bonds based on reciprocity, on meaningful relationships and that everyday authenticity that unite, lead us to need the company of both people and animals.

Any positive emotion, wherever it comes from, enriches us and makes us grow. Nothing happens, therefore, if our pets leave that corner on the sofa every day together with our partner and our children.

Maybe someone laughs if you tell them that your cat wakes you up every morning or that your dog senses that you are sad before your father.

They are also part of our emotional life and for this we welcome them, integrate them and recognize them as an intimate part of our particular microcosm. Of our family.

When we are adopted by a pet

Have you ever experienced what it means to be adopted by a pet? When an animal comes into our life, it watches us with shyness and wonder, because the world of humans is sometimes too complex for him.

When we are adopted by an animal, many things change within us, which we are not aware of. However, through their candid, playful and sincere looks, they know how to read much more than we think.

- By adopting an animal, we suddenly discover that we are its fulcrum, which is him it depends on us ... and we on him. We love that moment in which, upon arriving home, we are received with that overwhelming joy.

- Their they need to be included in the family as an extra member. They love routine, habits and always being treated the same way, without inconsistencies.

- When adoption turns into full integration, we all change a bit. They become protective, we are their closest ties, their referents, their group and their afternoon retreat to take a nap.

- They, for us, they are the everyday emotional outlet, our silent confidants, the consolation of sadness and the explosion of moments of laughter and relaxation.

Your pet is unique and you are unique to him

If there is one rewarding aspect of bringing a dog or cat into our family, it is the feeling of be the center of its existence. Nothing happens if one day you wake up in a bad mood or if the day ends in the worst way and you have not reached your goals ...

Sometimes, overwhelmed as we are by our daily worries, haste and responsibilities, we don't realize how our pets' looks care about us; and that's something we should do.

They live every moment as fully as possible. "Yesterday" does not exist and "tomorrow" does not make sense, they just yearn to spend a good time in our company, expecting him to always be the best, the most intense, relaxed and happy.

They are not demanding, they will never judge you and have the subtle ability to bring out the best in you. When you arrive home with sadness on your face, they, your pets, your family, they know how to make your pains vanish instantly.

Image courtesy of: Nadezhda Yume

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