Mustard: 10 recipes to prepare it at home

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La mustard is a preparation used to season and flavor dishes that is obtained with fruit, vegetables, mustard powder or mustard essence. The ingredients and recipes for the preparation of mustard vary according to seasons, regions and cities.

Mostardas are usually combined with savory dishes due to their very strong taste, given by mustard or mustard essence, but in some cases they are also combined with desserts. It all depends on the traditions of the places where they are prepared.

In some preparations the mustard takes on the creamy consistency of a jam, while in other recipes the pieces of fruit remain whole. Among the ingredients most used to prepare homemade mustard we find pumpkin, quinces, pears and grapes, with the addition of mustard or ginger.

Here is a collection of recipes useful for prepare the mustard at home.


Venetian mustard

La Venetian mustard is a sauce with a sweet-spicy flavor, probably born out of the need to find a way of preserving the surplus ripe fruit and which involves the use of quinces, pears, candied citron, candied oranges and dry white wine, among its own main ingredients. THU recipe.

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: Veneto and Surroundings

Black grape mustard

La grape mustard it is prepared starting from grape must to which other fruit is added such as quinces, pears and figs, orange peel and lemon peel. Recipes vary by region. For example, in your country we have grape mustard typical of your city and grape mustard from Piedmont, called cognà. THU a recipe from which to take inspiration.

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: Parks

Fig mustard

When the figs are in season, take advantage of them and if you have plenty of them you can prepare a tasty one fig mustard. In addition to fresh figs, you will also need lemon juice and powdered mustard. To thicken the mustard in a natural way you can try adding one or two apples to the preparation. In fact, apples contain pectin. Here is here the recipes from which to draw inspiration.

: Grandma Duck

Pumpkin mustard

Here is another typical preparation of the autumn season: the pumpkin mustard. There are numerous recipes to prepare it. Ingredients such as pumpkin are added to the pumpkin mustard powder and white wine. Some recipes involve honey while others involve sugar. You just have to experiment. THU and here the recipes to take inspiration from.

: Very good

Mantuan apple mustard

With apples you can prepare the apple mustard according to Mantuan recipe, which plans to flavor this sauce withmustard essential oil, to be purchased at a herbalist's shop or pharmacy. Otherwise you can use mustard powder. THU the recipe to follow.

: Federico Ferrazzani

Red pepper mustard

The recipe red pepper mustard that we suggest is suitable for those who love the spicy taste since among the ingredients it plans to use chili Peppers fresh. You can adjust the quantity of chilli pepper according to the degree of spiciness you would like to achieve. Here is the recipe to follow.

: The Cuisine of Calycanthus

Pear and apple mustard

To prepare a truly original mustard you can combine mele gave e pere. Even this recipe, as in the case of the Mantuan apple mustard we talked about a little above, plans to use themustard essence, to look for in herbal medicine or pharmacy. Otherwise, the advice is to flavor the mustard with mustard powder, which you can easily find in the supermarket or in natural products shops among the spice jars. Mustard essence should be used with caution because it is very strong. THU recipe.

: The Gluttonous Cat

Eggplant mustard

You can prepare yours homemade mustard also with the eggplant. In addition to the aubergines you will need ginger, orange and lemon zest, sugar (you can use it whole cane sugar) and fresh mint leaves. Here is the recipe to follow.

: Vanilla and Cinnamon

Persimmon mustard

When you have many at your fingertips ripe persimmons and you will not know how to consume them in a short time, try to prepare the persimmon mustard. In addition to the ripe persimmons, for this recipe you will need mustard seeds, mustard powder, mandarins and sugar (you can use whole cane sugar). THU recipe.

: Tobpic

Mustard from Cremona

La mustard from Cremona is a preparation based on different types of fruit. It is perhaps the best known mustard, prepared with candied fruit, sugar syrup and mustard essential oil. Usually cherries, pears, quinces, mandarins, figs, apricots and peaches are used for fruit. THU a recipe from which to take inspiration.

: Finding Lovers

Which your recipe to prepare homemade mustard?

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