Mushrooms: a concentrate of virtues

    Mushrooms: a concentrate of virtues

    As rich in taste as low in fat, sodium and calories, mushrooms abound in valuable nutrients.

    Going for mushrooms in the woods requires expertise, but if you buy cultivated ones, you are on the safe side. "I am sold loose or in trays transparent: check that they are not bruised and do not start to mold », suggests Lorenzo Bazzana, head of fruit and vegetables at Coldiretti. "Fresh mushrooms can be kept in the fridge even for several days, but then they lose consistency and become less good ».


    Mushrooms have a fair share of proteins, beyond that of Vitamins (C, D, B3) e minerals (zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus). "In particular, they boast a high content of selenium, an oligomineral with antioxidant properties, which delays cellular aging, preserves the elasticity of the tissues and is recognized as protective for the heart and against some forms of tumor»Explains Dr. Anna D'Eugenio, nutritionist doctor. «Mushrooms owe al selenium also their anticoagulant action, which makes them useful if you have a poor menstrual cycle, but contraindicated if you are already taking anticoagulant drugs ". 


    If you have problems with constipation, mushrooms are helpful. "Species eaten raw, thanks to mycosin, an insoluble fiber that stimulates peristalsis ”, remembers the doctor. "However, only porcini and mushrooms can be eaten raw without problems.

    For others cooking is always recommended: destroys some toxic substances, also present in edible ones, and facilitates digestion ». Ibers also help reduce the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars, making mushrooms (especially if roasted) useful for regulating glycemia.


    Champignon (or cultivated Parataioli)
    White, they have a wide hat and short, stocky stem. From flavor tending to sweet, they are also excellent raw in salads.

    Finferli (or Gallinacci)
    Golden-yellow in color, they have a small and very irregular cap and short stem. Excellent for risotto and tagliatelle, but also in oil.

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