Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

5 Tips for Muscle Recovery

On the long road to achieving our goals, we are continually focused on training, effort and giving our all to get the most! Very often, however, we forget the importance of recovery which is instead the key to success, without it it will be impossible for us to obtain the results we want, on the contrary, training and stressing the body without allowing it to recover, is the recipe for disaster. The side effects of an intense training regime without a good recovery are many and in this article we will give you 5 tips to maximize muscle recovery, to push mental and physical strength to the stars!

1. Quality of Sleep

Sleeping, simple and painless! In everyday life between work and various commitments, we neglect the importance of sleep and how it is essential for muscle recovery. Although it is recommended to sleep at least 7 hours, it is not uncommon to see people who sleep from 3 to 5 hours a night, even worse if these few hours of sleep occur during the sunny hours. Especially if you are an active individual, you cannot neglect sleep! Among the main benefits we find: more and better attention, prevention of stress and depression, better sports performance, weight loss, healing and muscle recovery! Furthermore, for those who are not already aware of it, the increased production of growth hormone (GH) occurs during sleep ... are you sure you want to neglect it?

Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

2. Pre Workout

Our focus is often on post workout nutrition (which we will talk about later), but the pre workout is not only necessary to give us the boost and energy to support the workout, it also plays an important role in recovery since the repair processes that take place after training will benefit from the nutrients previously introduced into our body. A meal based on complex carbohydrates and proteins about 2 hours before training is inevitable, which can be combined with a pre-workout supplement of excellent quality, especially to reap the benefits of creatine (excellent for muscle recovery). In addition, a supplement of branched chain amino acids, especially if you train fasting, is a must.

Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

3. Post Workout

Of course, we all know the importance of nutrition in the moment that follows the training, but there is still a lot of confusion about it so it is always good to clarify. After intense exercise it is vital to provide the body with a good dose of protein and high glycemic index carbohydrates, especially since insulin is anabolic and if hypertrophy is our goal, it will be important to take advantage of this moment. A good post workout meal must include sources of protein that are possibly easily absorbed, the most used and effective for this purpose are undoubtedly whey protein isolate, and a source of carbohydrates possibly with a high glycemic index, for this purpose it is often used dextrose or bananas, pasta and other carbohydrates with these characteristics. If your post-workout nutrition is correct, you will quickly notice the progress and quality of your recovery.

Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

4. Stretching

Especially when you want to gain muscle mass, it's easy to make the mistake of neglecting stretching. Relaxing the muscles and cooling down the body after a training session has several benefits including the blood circulation that helps to drain the muscles from catabolites, improving recovery thanks to the power that this process has to limit the accumulation of hydroxyproline (a of the causes of pain in the days following the workout). A good tip is to stretch for 10-20 minutes after your workout.

Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

5. Rest and Active Rest

Rest is the key to everything! Whatever sport you practice, it is forbidden to neglect rest. You must always rest after training and leave the necessary days between one workout and another, to allow the body to recover better. Do you train your chest on Mondays? Allow at least 3 days of total rest where you can train other muscle groups. Have you taken part in a long and exhausting marathon? Relax and use the following days to cultivate other pleasures in life. What if you can't help but be active? Simple, take advantage of active rest! Walk in the park, yoga, bike ride ... all exceptional activities for the body and mind, which will allow you to move without stressing the body too much, already experienced by the previous intense activity. As you recover at your best, you will notice that your body will be ready and energized again to embark on a new training session or competition!

Muscle Recovery | 5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

In conclusion

Muscle recovery is necessary and mandatory! We must always avoid putting too much stress on the body and the nervous system for maximum results and performance. Follow these simple tips and you will have no problem reaching your goals, whatever they are! We also know the importance of quality supplementation and healthiergang provides you with a large selection of products, only the best for your body!

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