Muscle aches and pains: what to do if you've been exercising too much

    Muscle aches and pains: what to do if you've been exercising too much

    Do you happen to dedicate yourself to sport only on weekends? If thetraining was intense, it can happen to find oneself with the muscles so sore that they are unable to perform normal gestures, such as, for example, picking up something from the ground.

    But with the menu you find here you can recover quickly. "The muscular pain that follows physical activity is due to the accumulation of lactic acid, that is the metabolic product that is generated in the body by making one intense effort. The diet can do a lot to eliminate it and restore the original balance ”, he explains Sara Ciastellardi, nutritionist and homeopath in Pisa and Livorno.

    Three tips to follow at the table

    • 1. First, drink plenty of slightly alkaline fluids, as mineral water with a basic pH or added with lemon juice, to promote the diuresis and excretion of toxins.
    • 2. Then eat lots of fruits and vegetables, in order to replenish the minerals lost by sweating, which are essential for proper muscle function. «First of all, bananas and dehydrated apricots, which contain a lot of potassium. Also very useful are dried fruit, pumpkin seeds and leafy vegetables, for example spinach: they provide magnesium, which intervenes in the processes of disposal of lactic acid and also relaxes the muscles.
    • 3. Finally they serve foods that purify the liver, a body engaged at the forefront in the synthesis oflactic acid, then green light for bitter vegetables such as chicory and rocket, which activate the production of bile », concludes the expert.

    The right menu for cramps and muscle aches

    Breakfast: 1 chicory coffee + 1 spinach and rocket smoothie with 10 g of pumpkin seeds and the juice of 1/2 lemon + 1 banana

    Snack 1 chicory coffee + 1 fennel seed tea + 2 natural almonds + 1 organic apple with peel

    Lunch 70 g of wholemeal pasta with large leafy vegetables sautéed in a pan + 1 plate of sour chicory + 1 dandelion tea

    Merenda 1 fennel tea + 5-6 dehydrated apricots + 3-4 walnuts

    Price 120 g grilled turkey + 1 plate of sour beets + 1 plate of green radicchio with lemon juice + 1 dandelion tea

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