Multipower Squat VS Free Squat | Which one to choose?

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Squat Multipower VS Squat Libero

The squat is probably one of the best exercises that can be done in the gym. Allows the use of high loads, allies important muscles that when stimulated produce hormones that will benefit the whole body. it strengthens the athlete's mentality and allows him to really understand what his limits are. There are several variations of this phenomenal exercise: high bar, low bar, frontal. Another variation is to use a multipower.

The multipower allows greater stability since the balance wheel travels a straight trajectory by itself being fixed to the tool guides. They can also be insured the safety clothes avoiding any errors that could lead to fall injuries.

Lo free squat, in each of its variants, provides a straight trajectory of the barbell like all multi-joint exercises. This implies that the athlete is able to know how to balance himself adequately, to maintain a correct position during the entire execution of the exercise. The fact that the outrigger is fixed on our shoulders, however, also allows one greater naturalness in the execution of the movement.

This is not an irrelevant detail: each of us is made with different anatomical proportions and during movements where the ROM (range of motion) it is wide each has its own particular execution. It is also not that difficult to maintain a adequate balance, with a little experience and perseverance it can be easily achieved. This is not to be seen as an obstacle but rather as a quality that is acquired and that is reflected in every other exercise. Finally, the fact that we must keep correct execution otherwise it is not possible to perform the movement forces the person to maintain an execution that is not risky for falls or other injuries.

This does not mean that the squat is a risk-free exercise, quite the contrary. L'perfect execution it is something that is achieved over the years and with a lot of experience and, once achieved, you can have exceptional results from your training based only on few exercises. The squat can be said to train the leg muscles in their entirety, each with a different contribution. Trying to keep balance the muscles responsible for stability will also be recruited. The fact that the barbell is secured to the multi power guides can allow you to fully focus on movement and muscle contraction.


Multipower execution provides that i piedi are placed a little further on with respect to the perpendicular to the barbell. This involves a greater contribution from the pelvis and therefore a greater activation of the buttocks and hamstrings to the detriment of the quadriceps. This isn't necessarily bad, it depends on what the subject's goals are. The more your feet move forward, the more the emphasis of movement moves on buttocks, this means that if they want to maximize their training they can take their feet further forward, until proper execution is allowed.

The fact that the feet are placed further forward also means that as one descends there is an early retroversion of the pelvis. In fact the hamstrings are placed in a position of greater elongation and this does not allow to keep one lumbar lordosis: the hamstrings are inserted on the pelvis and if their elongation is maximum they tend to pull the pelvis forward. Losing a position of strength in the lower back risks serious injuries such as hernias. By running it free squat it is much safer and easier to get more depth.

This does not put more stress on the knees, in fact studies show that the greatest stress on the knee joint occurs just above 90 degrees. Going down more you will go to recruit more glutes and hamstrings, very strong muscles that allow the use of greater loads. More stress on the knees is actually not going down completely because you do not use the stretch reflex that pushes an elongated muscle to return to its position of contraction.

Finally, the use of the multipower it does not allow you to easily handle the position of the bar and therefore to perform the front squat or to position the bar a little lower. There almost obligatory position is to place the barbell on upper part of the trapezoids.

Lo assisted squat it can be a viable option for a novice athlete. In any case, it is a facilitated variant of the exercise and, as soon as possible, it is better progress to the full version of the squat, focus on movement and perfect it.

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