"Mouse Sore": What it is and Exercises to relieve it


    Technology has brought many benefits to modern life, but also some cons. One of these is represented by the so-called "mall on mouse", which is a set of painful disorders affecting the wrist and fingers of the hand. The continuous and unchanged movements required to move the mouse, in fact, in the long run, can cause muscle tension, inflammation of the tendons and / or irritation of the nerves that provide sensitivity to the fingers. The most common consequence? Carpal tunnel syndrome. To improve symptoms, and even prevent them, they can be done specific exercises. But first, seecheck with your doctor if they are suitable for your condition, especially if you are already having other treatments, so as to ensure that the stretching and strengthening routine does not induce further pain and cause other complications. 

    Mouse ache, what it is and what it depends on

    Staying in front of the computer for a long time is not only bad for the back and circulation. Hands and wrists can also be affected. Not only for the incorrect position that we tend to assume in these situations, even more so when the chair and the monitor are not arranged in an appropriate manner. But also for using the mouse, that it involves continual repetition of movements that are not usual for the wrist, especially if the elbow is not resting well on the table. This leads to a overload of the zone which, in predisposed people, can trigger inflammation and the mouse ache. The most common symptoms are pain and tingling, which tend to decrease with rest and accentuate with movement. 

    In particular, the use of the mouse can favor the appearance of the carpal tunnel syndrome, which consists in the compression of the nerve that goes from the arm to the fingers, at the level of the carpal tunnel, which is located in the wrist. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome typically begin in the thumb, middle, and index finger, the very fingers that usually control the mouse. 

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    How to intervene

    It is important not to underestimate inflammation, because if it is neglected it can escalate. Against mouse ache, i pain medication, the cycles of physiotherapy and the use of bandages and compressions. In the acute phases it is good to keep a rest the part. But after the acute phase, it is important to move it, under medical supervision. In fact, targeted exercise can be very effective in reducing pain and helping to prevent complications. It is also useful in a preventive key.

    Yoga can also be very suitable because it reduces the pain associated with the condition by increasing the grip strength. According to many, the symptoms could then improve with the use of alternative therapies such as acupuncture.

    Useful exercises

    To treat and prevent mouse sore it is important to perform ad hoc movements and exercises. Here are some simple and effective ones. Of course they would go performed on the hand using the mouse. However, for a more harmonious and balanced workout, it is good to also perform them on the other hand. This also reduces the risk of developing carpal tunnel and other problems in the other hand. The ideal would be to perform them several times a day, in order to rest and, at the same time, to strengthen the fingers.

    These movements are mainly used to prevent pain and exacerbations: if you are already undergoing treatment, talk to your doctor. Tendon sliding exercises that gradually stretch and pull the tendon can irritate or injure the tendon.  

    Financial year 1

    First stretch and move your fingers to loosen tendons and muscles and avoid cramps: it is a useful stretch to warm up the fingers and prepare them for the next job. Continue for a few seconds. Then get started. 

    • Grasp the thumb of the right hand with the left hand and pull it towards the wrist, as far as possible but without causing pain. Hold the position for a few seconds and release.
    • Repeat on each finger, with particular emphasis on the fingers that hold and operate the mouse buttons.
    • Finally, pull all fingers at the same time to stretch the palm of the hand, which tends to "tighten" when working with the mouse for long periods.

    Financial year 2

    Financial year 3

    • Hold your arm up so that blood drains from your fingers.
    • Spread your fingers and space them as much as possible.
    • Make five small circles counterclockwise with your thumb, then with all the other fingers. 
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