Mountain climber: the right exercise to tone your abs

Mountain climber: the right exercise to tone your abs

Having toned abs is possible

Having sculpted abdominal muscles is everyone's dream but getting them is not easy, not even for those who maintain a low-calorie diet.

Il fat located on the abdomen, in fact, it is one of the most insidious and very often it does not go away simply by losing weight or training. The only way is to combine both things and make healthy nutrition and constant and targeted exercises coexist abdominal band. Just like those provided by the Mountain Climber. 

What is the Mountain Climber

The abdominal belt it is made up of muscles abdominal and muscles dorsal.

The workouts to train them in a complete way are different, but one of the most effective is the Mountain climber, Also known as climber exercise, precisely because, even if on the ground and in a horizontal position, it simulates the movements that the mountaineers when they ascend to the mountain peaks.

L'Climbing is one of the most complete sports from the point of view of body training because, taking place on a vertical plane, it involves a large number of muscles that move even defying the force of gravity.

Precisely because of these enormous potential, its basic movement, albeit with some modifications, has been transformed into a hugely successful fitness exercise, as well as Nordic walking or Nordic walking which, in addition to training the lower limbs, involves 90% of the body musculature. 

How to do it

Starting from the position of plank, bring the knees, alternately, to the chest, performing the movement of simulation of a climb.

The exercise must be repeated in such a way rhythmic, without pause until the end.

A fitball can also be used

A alternative version takes place using a fitball.

In this case, the initial plank position is assumed by supporting the forearms on ball and keeping your head, torso and legs perfectly aligned. The movement is the same as in the classic version but, instead of bringing the knees to the chest, they approach the fitball.

Two variants to intensify the exercise

The first is simpler and involves, from the classic starting position, bringing the right knee towards the right elbow, contracting the abdomen and rotating simultaneously the hip bone.

In the second, always from the same starting position, bring the right knee in contact with the left elbow, rotating the pelvis from right to left.

When and how to do it

Il Mountain climber can be used in stage heating in view of a more complex or phased workout fatigue at the end.

But it can also be inserted within the sessions themselves, whether they are total body, concentrated only on the abdominal belt or aimed at strengthening the core, or the core of the body composed of a set of muscles whose exercise is essential to improve posture and stability. . 

How many repetitions are needed

Although for the beginners there is no official minimum threshold, it is good to say that to aspire to visible results one should start with at least 25 repetitioni alternate for each leg, four times. 

Who has one intermediate preparation, on the other hand, it can go up to four alternating series per leg, from 50 repetitions

For the professionals or in general for those used to very hard workouts, the ideal to impact a change in your body would be to perform four sets per leg from 100 repetitions each.

What makes the fake climb really effective is not only the number of repetitions, but also the speed at which they are performed.

In fact, we must not forget that, in addition to toning and sculpting, this exercise is an excellent cardio workout and therefore must be done while maintaining a high and sustained pace.

To make sure you can do it you can help us with a stopwatch

Beginners should try to finish the session within 30 seconds, intermediates within one minute, and fitness addicts within two minutes.

All the benefits

Il Mountain climber it is mainly meant for sculpting abdominal, but it does an excellent job on other areas as well including buttocks, thighs e lumbar.

Repeating these exercises consistently for six or seven weeks can improve endurance, fitness and agility of the whole body.
Involved in the movements also arms and shoulders, which are exercised thanks to a constant contraction and acquire greater strength and tone.

Furthermore, being a workout that stresses every part of the body by activating the muscles, it makes the whole figure extremely more flexible and articulated.

It is a low impact exercise

The ways in which this exercise is carried out make it suitable also for those with discomfort or pain in the knee or ankle.

The impact on these two parts of the body, usually very stressed during fitness sessions, is in fact zero.

Change the pace of your run to burn more fat

per ottenere sculpted abs in the shortest time possible, the secret is burn fat fast deposited of the belly. To do this, an effective technique is to vary the intensity of the movements of the exercise. You can start slowly, accelerate a little and slow down again, and then finish with the fastest possible speed, in order to reach the maximum contraction and give the metabolism the final acceleration.

Good results can also be achieved with treadmill training. 

Another valid alternative, training with the elliptical.

The flat stomach swimming workout is also excellent. 

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