Motivation: how to make it the secret of your success

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Today I'll explain what motivation is and how to turn it into the most important secret to your success.

You're about to find out what will really make a difference in your life:

  1. What is success really?
  2. Motivation is having a good reason to fight.
  3. The deep secrets of your motivation.
  4. Are we motivated from the inside or from the outside?
  5. The secret ingredient to always be motivated.

When you finish reading this page, you will have all the information and tools to achieve success you've always wanted.

And this it will inevitably bring about changes in your life.

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What is success really?

Let's start with perhaps the most obvious question, but also the most important.

We all want to achieve success in our life, but if you don't know what it is, how are you going to achieve it?

Obviously each of us will have inserted a thousand meanings into the word success.

You will certainly have your goals to achieve and with them you think you will be successful.

I tell you that, in reality, true success is the same for everyone.

Not just for you and me, but also for those who live in India, or in an African tribe that doesn't even know electricity.

True success is living a happy life.

I see a puzzled face, so a clarification is urgent 😉

  • Maybe you think success is building a family where everyone loves each other, united and strong.
  • Or consider your career as real success, gaining prestige and power through your work.
  • Maybe, for you, success is finding someone you love and going through life together, every day.
  • Maybe success is people's esteem, affection and appreciation, their trust in you.
  • You may also think that success, on the other hand, is doing something for others and improving our society, or even the world.

They are all great goals, but I ask you a question: if I reached them and were unhappy all the same?

Let's clarify what happiness is: well-being, positive emotions, a life worth living.

I don't mean, therefore, a state of perfection, where there are no problems.

None of this.

You want to feel good, to feel joy, rather than pain, you definitely prefer happiness to sadness and serenity to anxiety.

Am I wrong perhaps?

I really do not think so.

This is why I say that you want to be happy, and if you are interested in better understanding what happiness is, read the in-depth study in which I will better explain what it is.

Let's go back to my question: if you get what you want but are still unhappy, would it be a success?

For example, you have a family but you feel bad, you are sad and you are not really well.

Is it a success?

Or in your work you are incredible, you have had an amazing career but you suffer every day and you are not really well.

Is it a success?

As you can see, it wouldn't be a good result for a very simple reason: you want to be happy.

Ask no more e what you think has happened is all that, in your opinion, should make you happy.

It is obvious that neither work, nor family, prestige, wealth or your partner are the real success.

You look for these things, or these people, because you think they will make you happy, for nothing else.

The real success, therefore, is live a life full of happiness.

I say this not because I think it is, but because we all want exactly that.

Whatever goal you want to achieve will always be important if it allows you to be happy.

Otherwise you don't do anything with it.

What good is money, power, having all the people you want, if you then suffer and feel bad?

Are you always unhappy and live a life filled with negative emotions such as fear, boredom, disappointment, anger, anxiety, despair?

It would all be useless, but a success!

Now I hope you have a clearer idea.

To better understand this fundamental step, I suggest you read my guide in which I explain how to be happy.

Success, therefore, the fullest and most profound realization of our life is right here: happiness.

Motivation comes into play at this very point.

Having clarified what you really want to achieve, now it's about discovering how to always have the energy and strength, what can really motivate you to achieve this much desired success.


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Motivation is having a good reason to fight

Being motivated, in short and simple, means have good reasons to do something.

Motivation, as Wikipedia also suggests, consists in having valid reasons to act, for your behaviors.

Basically you are motivated, or motivated, when for you Does this make sense do something.

Let's talk about meaning and sense.

It usually seems like the problem for many people is being unmotivated.

  • Children at school have no motivation and need to be motivated to study.
  • In companies, employees are apathetic and need to be motivated to work.
  • Children need to be motivated otherwise they won't grow up and just want to play.

We are convinced, unfounded, that someone should always motivate us to do something, and we even seek and pay people who motivate us.

I give you an exclusive news: there is not a single person in the world who is unmotivated!

You read that right, not even one in the world.

We have said that success is a happy life.

Very well.

Motivation is the drive we have to do the things that will allow us to achieve success, that is, to be happy.

Now, if I told you to walk around naked, or naked, and sing out loud, would you do it?

No, and do you know why? Because you don't have a good reason to do it.

Motivation is the consequence of the meaning we find in things.

If it makes sense to me to walk around naked and sing, I will do it.

Otherwise I don't care.

Motivation is related to the meaning we attach to everything.

You will never do something that makes no sense or means nothing to you.

It's natural, that's how we are.

The question at this point is: what makes sense

Anything that will allow you to be happy.

Simple and straightforward.

You will always be motivated, or motivated, to do all the things that will help you to live happily.

Without needing someone to motivate you!

Even if you were the laziest person in the world, rest assured, or certain, that you have motivation to sell in many situations.

Maybe they tell you that you lack motivation, but if we take some of your hobbies, your passions, what you really love to do, there, motivation problems, you don't have any.

The real problem is not the missing motivation, the meaning, the sense of things is missing.

For a boy, most likely, almost everything that is studied in school does not make sense, it does not serve to be happy.

Most likely it is the same thing for the worker who does the same activities every day, in a mechanical and repetitive way.

What motivates me is the belief that what I do will make me happy, which makes sense, serves, will really lead me to success.

Otherwise I don't.

Going fishing, for example, requires a stronger motivation than the difficulties that this passion entails.

On the one hand, there is the difficulty of getting up early, enduring the cold, going to humid places, maybe driving several kilometers of road, having a license, buying and taking care of equipment and much more.

If the pleasure, the positive emotions you get from fishing outweigh all of this, you will always have the motivation to go fishing.

Motivation arises when the reasons why I do something are stronger than the reasons why I shouldn't do it.

Imagine a scale: on the one hand you put effort, including negative emotions, which you have to endure, on the other hand happiness, with all the positive emotions you can get.

What weighs the most?

This will be the direction you take.

Looking closer, you realize that in reality it is not true that you are not motivated, or motivated, to go fishing, to study or in your work.

It's just that you are more motivated, or motivated, to do something else.

As I told you, there are no people without motivation.

The problem arises when you do not have any towards the things that others want to impose on you, or that you, or yourself, try to import.

When you have to do something and you have no motivation to do it, you don't have to try to push yourself or ask someone for help, but you have to discover the meaning of what you have to do.

Here are some questions you might find helpful:

  1. This thing it could help me be happy, even very indirectly? As?
  2. What's the point of doing it, how it contributes to my success?
  3. What are the good reasons that make it useful, precious, important?

The biggest mistake is to pretend to be motivated to act, or to use external pressure to do so.

Sure, you will act and do what you have to, but in what mood?

If you do something that doesn't make sense to you, no matter how hard you put in, you will do it in a superficial, approximate, intolerant way.

For you it will become a source of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, negative emotions and bitterness.

Unfortunately we think that people are unmotivated, while the problem is that often we ask others, or ourselves, to do things without value, without meaning.

Remember that you, like everyone else, want to be happy.

This is the success that motivates us to do everything.

Motivation comes naturally when what we do will help us achieve our goal, despite all the problems, the difficulties, the fatigue, the commitment that entails,

This is the essence of motivation.

Since the goal is always and in any case only one, that is to be happy, then it is essential to understand three elements that determine the life and death of our motivation


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The deep secrets of your motivation

There are 3 essential elements to maintain our motivation to act.

If they fail, as mentioned, it's not that we suddenly become unmotivated people, but the scale I was telling you about is shifting.

It means we will no longer have good reasons to do what we had done up to that point, and we will prefer to act differently.

  1. A kid can be really unmotivated in studying, but if he plays sports he is ready to work without problems.
  2. A man who is listless at work could be a tireless political activist or a valuable social worker in volunteering.
  3. A girl bored with everything might be motivated to communicate with her friends every day via Facebook and be attentive to their needs.

The motivation depends on this question: does this make sense? Will it make me happy?

Once you have this answer, and I will shortly point you to a resource I made to help you find it, you have the essence of motivation.

You will always be motivated, or motivated, to do something that could make you happy.

In order not to lose this strength, why motivation is the energy with which you struggle and overcome the difficulties of every day, you need to consider 3 secret ingredients.

It is the elements that weigh on this response and strengthen or weaken your resolve to fight.



If you think that things could go well and that you will be able to find solutions to problems you meet, then the answer will be positive.

Optimistic people they are more motivated to fight because they believe they can do it.

What to do?

Be happy.

Optimism is a vision for which I think I will find a solution to every problem.

I also think that there is good in every situation, that from all experiences I can learn something valuable.

If you see things negatively, easily you lose the will to fight because you convince yourself that you won't win anyway.

When you only see the problem, and you can never grasp a solution, what is the point of working so hard?

If your commitment and effort are not needed, then you lose motivation and stop.

Motivation is reinforced by optimism, so I suggest you read the guide where I explain how to think positively.



When we lose faith in others, we stop being motivated to fight.

Almost always, to get the real success you seek, you will have to interact with other people.

If you trust them, if you believe that you can always, in one way or another, find something positive in others, you will move on.

But when you convince yourself that everyone is ready to deceive you and that you are alone, or alone, fighting becomes difficult and tiring.

Confidence, like optimism, is also very important for give you the strength not to stop and thus fuel your motivation to act.

Read the discussion in which I explain to you that trusting others, in the right way, is good.



Hope is the very strength that gives meaning to our life.

If you do not hope to be able to win, if you do not believe in it anymore, it means that you do not hope to be happy and therefore throw in the towel.

If hope dies, motivation also moves to engage in what you are doing.

Always remember that you are motivated, or motivated, when your commitment and effort make sense.

This sense coincides with the hope of being happy.

If she dies, you will have no more reasons to continue along the path you have taken.

Also in this case I suggest you a resource, dedicated precisely to how to never let hope die, to increase your motivation.


These are three fundamental elements that fuel your motivation and you they will make any enterprise possible.

Remember the most important thing: the motivation is all in the sense that you give to what you are doing.

From here we get to the point all experts beat: internal or external motivation?


Motivated from inside or outside?

The motivation, as mentioned, depends on how we weigh and evaluate the pros and cons of each gesture, always according to the success we want.

Obviously when we weigh the pros and cons of every choice, action or behavior, we will always be motivated to do what makes the most sense to us in that moment.

Among the pros there will be the pleasant emotions that we experience while doing something but above all when we have obtained the results we want.

While in the against all the negative emotions, especially, in this case, those we feel during our commitment.

The negative emotions we experience today they often weigh a lot more of the positive ones we will have when we get the results of our work.

Usually, even by virtue of this, we come to consider two types of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic.

That is, we can be motivated by what we do, by passion or curiosity for our business, or by external factors, such as rewards or punishments.

I believe that actually the motivation is never linked either to external rewards or punishments or to the activity itself that we are doing.

We are motivated according to the meaning we give to what we do.

The motivation lies within us and not in the things around us.

  • It is not the prize itself that we want, but the success this could represent in our eyes.
  • The problem is not punishment, but the ability to deny ourselves the happiness we desire.
  • It is not even the passion itself that motivates us, but whether we consider it a source of happiness or not.

In theory, according to the traditional approach to motivation, a punishment should always motivate me to do something to avoid it.

We can actually get to prefer punishment, however painful, if the behavior is a source of happiness for us, it will be punished.

There is something that goes beyond external stimuli, which motivates us regardless of the presumed convenience of what we do or could do.

There are people who defy death to defend their ideas, because in doing so they find happiness, meaning, purpose to their existence.

Punishments are useless in these cases.

There are others who reject honors and wealth to respect the principles to which they bind their happiness.

No reward is needed in this case.

We are not motivated by threats, but by the meaning we attribute to it.

In reality there is no external motivation, you always decide what makes sense to you.

Threats, rewards, punishments, rewards, have value only if you consider them tools to live happily.

This is the big secret of motivation: what will make me happy?

The answer to this question will always be the guide for your every choice and will give you the motivation to do the things that are really important.

Motivation is the secret to success, as long as you understand what this success is and how to achieve it.

If you think that to be happy you have to sing naked, or naked, on the street, no matter how crazy it sounds, you will have good reasons to do so.

Motivation is linked to our happiness, to the belief that we can achieve it.

Set goals it is useful only if they are in line with this sense that we give to things.

Importene to work better is of little use, it will last for a short time.

Instead, you have to find your way, understand what will really make you happy.

This is the resource I promised you, and it tells you how to find the right answer to the basic question: what will make me happy?

If you have this answer, and if you really believe it, you will always have the motivation to put it into practice.

It is therefore not about techniques, better performances, higher results.

As said at the beginning, that you need to get everything if you are unhappy anyway?

Happiness is the true success you want, and if you understand how to achieve it, you will never be short of motivation.

We are unmotivated, and so are others, for a variety of reasons:

  1. You are not clear what will make you happy, so you're not sure what really makes sense to you.
  2. Today you follow one path, tomorrow you will take another and this uncertainty makes you insecure, or insecure, and unmotivated, or motivated.
  3. Without having the certainty of having taken the right direction, you will never have the motivation to face the difficulties that this road entails.

You don't have to find out how to motivate yourself in what you do, but understanding if what you are doing makes sense, it takes to achieve success in your life.

When you realize how to be happy, it is natural to have the motivation to face any problem or difficulty.

We are motivated, remember, to do the things that will make us happy.

Everything else, of course, we don't care


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The secret ingredient to always be motivated

We have come to the end.

The motivation, as seen, it doesn't depend on what you do or what others do, but what do you think is really capable of making you happy.

It's not really a reward or a punishment that motivates us, but how we live them, the meaning we give them.

It goes without saying that if you want to motivate others, you don't have to punish or reward, but help them understand how to be happy.

Nobody is without motivation, but we often have no compelling reasons to continue to do something, to insist, commit or really work hard.

If it doesn't make sense, you never will.

Sure, you can make an effort and set goals to achieve, but you will never be happy on this road.

What you need to do instead is give meaning to your work, your commitments, the things you have a duty to do, in any case.

You don't have to try hard to find the right motivation, perhaps sticking to phrases from books and calendars around the house.

Instead try to understand how, what you have to do, plays a role in your happiness, how to find its meaning, meaning within your life.

If you discover the meaning of what you do, you will always have, and spontaneously, the motivation to act.

Each of us wants to be happy, and if you find out how what you do will help you with this, you will always have good reasons to never stop.

Cultivate optimism, trust and hope, because they are the foundation on which every healthy motivation rests.

Without them, in fact, you lose sight of the reasons to continue to commit and struggle in view of your success.

Finally I would like to share with you the pivot on which my motivation is based, a source which for me is the authentic secret of happiness and which therefore always motivates endlessly.

Faith in God.

I've written a resource to tell you why you believe in God and how to do it.

Mine is an invitation to look at the evidence of His existence and try to believe it.

In the end, you decide, remember that the motivation is within you, in your judgment of what can make you happy.

You will have the secret to your success if you truly understand how to live happily, and you will know how to put everything you do, even the most trivial things, into perspective.

You will always be motivated, or motivated, if everything you do is a stone in the road you walk to live a happy life.

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