Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers

For Mother's Day, a menu based on flowers! Roses, tulips, violets, daisies, orchids, irises and gorse they have always been precious friends to perfume and revive our homes. Maybe you didn't know, but the petals can also become precious ingredients for cooking delicious dishes, especially when it comes to special events. And what better time to prepare a floral menu if not the Mother's Day?

For that day, we have decided to propose you vegan dishes embellished with petals di spring flowers.

Before we begin however, it is important to remember that the use of flowers in the kitchen involves a series of precautions. For example, if you use garden flowers, make sure that they have not been treated by pesticides, which once ingested would naturally become harmful to health; try to collect wildflowers, away from the roads busy with cars and sources of pollution. Obviously, in collecting the plants and flowers that you like best, be sure to always leave some specimens to ensure reproduction.

Vegan appetizer: Rose pancakes

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers Let it macerate four tablespoons of rose petals in a glass of organic lager for about twenty minutes.

Meantime prepare a batter with half a glass of organic light beer, 100 g flour, 30 g of ground almonds, a pinch of sale, one of pepper, one of p and a pinch of yeast for pizza; let the mixture rest in a warm and tightly closed place (for example the oven off) for about half an hour.

After this time, heat up plenty of seed oil in a pan, then drain the rose petals from the beer and dip them into the batter you have prepared; at this you take a spoonful of rose batter and drop it into the oil boiling, wait until it becomes golden on all sides, then drain and let it dry on absorbent paper.

Serve hot!

First vegan: Pennette with primroses

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers

Collect an abundant handful of primrose petals, put them in a bowl full of water for a minute, then drain them, let them dry and put them in a wooden container.

Wash thoroughly a beautiful ripe pear, peel it, make it into many cubes and put it in a small bowl, add half a glass of organic white wine e leave to macerate for about half an hour.

In the meantime, put on the fire a pot of abundant salted water in which you will cook 400 g of pennette striped.

While the pasta is cooking, take a saucepan and melt over very low heat 200 g of tofu (in sticks), a tablespoon of non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine, adding a little of the wine in which you put the diced pear to macerate.

At this point, drain the pear pieces and pour them into the saucepan over the fire together with the primrose petals, mix well to mix all the ingredients and when they are transformed into a homogeneous cream, pour the pasta you have just drained, turn well to season evenly and before serving, add a sprinkling of Vegan Parmesan*.

** Almond Parmesan with wheat germ

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowersVEG CHEESES: 10 RECIPES TO PREPARE THEM AT HOME

1 cup finely chopped white almonds
1 tablespoon of wheat germ
Combine the almond powder with the wheat germ, add a pinch of salt, mix and serve!

Second vegan: Soufflé with calendula and chamomile

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers

Take one handful of marigold flowers and one of chamomile, let them revive in a bowl of water for a couple of minutes, then drain, dry and put them to rest in a wooden container.

Wash well and peel five large potatoes, 500 g of borlotti beans, a carrot, a stalk of celery, half an onion and put everything in a pressure cooker covering with plenty of water. Cook for 40 minutes from the beginning of the hiss of the valve, then let out all the steam, open the pot, drain and blend.

At this point, Melt four tablespoons of non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine in a saucepan, over very low heat, then add a little salt, a pinch of pepper, the calendula petals and chamomile, mix everything and pour the cream over the potato and legume mixture.

Once this is done, take a glass, pour in two tablespoons of flour and one of water, mix until you get a liquid batter, homogeneous and without lumps, add it to the mixture and mix well.

At this point vpour it all into a well-oiled pan, with extra virgin olive oil and lined with abundant breadcrumbs; pour a drizzle of oil on the surface and bake for twenty minutes.
Serve hot but not hot!

Vegan side dish: Daisy salad

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers

Take 300 g of rocket, two large handfuls of daisy petals, a box of corn and a nice slice of bread homemade. Wash the rocket and revive the daisy petals in a small bowl of fresh water, then drain and let it dry.

Take a slice of homemade bread and cut into cubes, put extra virgin olive oil in a pan and heat it well. When the oil starts to fry pour the bread cubes and brown them well on all sides.

Once this is done, take a salad bowl and pour the rocket leaves, the corn, the diced fried bread, the daisy petals and season everything with extra virgin olive oil, salt and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Vegan dessert: Gorse and jasmine cake

Mother's Day: the menu with vegan recipes based on flowers

Take five handfuls of broom and three handfuls of jasmine, put to macerate for about half an hour in a small bowl with two tablespoons of maraschino and two spoons of whole cane sugar.

Then take 400 g of non-hydrogenated vegetable margarine and let it dissolve for a few minutes out of the fridge. When it is well softened, pour it into a bowl, add 500 g of whole cane sugar and mix these two ingredients together until you get a compact cream.

Once this is done, mash a ripe banana with a fork and add it to the mixture, mix well, then add 500 g of flour and half a sachet of baking powder and gradually pour them - with a sieve - into the margarine mixture, sugar and banana.

At this point spour the broom and jasmine petals, add them to the mixture, mix gently, pour into a cake pan lined with margarine and dusted with flour, and bake for about 40 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Now all that remains is liven up the table with a beautiful orchida before serving your dishes… and as always… enjoy your meal e Happy birthday mum!

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