Mother's Day: 10 desserts to prepare with love

La Mother's Day is upon us. You are ready to prepare one with your own hands cake or Dolce to give to your mom? Homemade delicacies are the best way to celebrate this anniversary. Maybe accompany your dessert with a nice one DIY birthday card. Here are many recipes of sweets and cakes to which you can be inspired for Mother's Day.


Light cake without sugar

For Mother's Day you can prepare a very good one light cake without sugar. A very simple recipe to prepare, with a few simple ingredients. Here the complete recipe.

Paradise cake

A very simple cake that you can make for Mother's Day: the paradise cake. A light dessert because without butter, but at the same time extremely soft. Kamut flour was used for this recipe. Here the complete recipe.

Vegan fruit tart

Alternatively, you can prepare an excellent fruit tart in a vegan version. You can choose the seasonal fruit you prefer. The important thing is to follow the instructions carefully to obtain the shortcrust pastry and custard without using eggs and dairy products. It is also a perfect idea for those suffering from intolerances to these ingredients. THU the complete recipe.

Tiramisu in a jar

With cocoa powder, mascarpone and coffee an excellent tiramisu in a jar to offer to your mother for her party. THU all the instructions for the preparation of this recipe.

Lemon Cheesecake

A truly original recipe to prepare a lemon cheesecake, perfect for Mother's Day. You will need some yogurt and cream to make this beautiful cake. THU the complete recipe.

Chocolate muffins

Chocolate muffins are a dessert suitable for all occasions, even on Mother's Day. Here then we will explain step by step how to prepare them in a light version, without butter. They will be very light and very tasty. THU the complete recipe.

Cream Tart cake

You can prepare this wonderful heart-shaped cake starting from the pastry. The cream tart cake is easy to prepare and of great effect, for any occasion you want to celebrate. The shortcrust pastry or biscuit dough base, in fact, can be shaped by number, letter or heart shaped, as in this case. Then we proceed to create the other layers and decorate with the ingredients we like best and above all with seasonal fruit. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Vegan strawberry tiramisu

A delicious vegan version of strawberry tiramisu, perfect for Mother's Day. A tasty but light dessert and above all made exclusively with the use of plant-based foods. Here the complete recipe.


For Mother's Day you can prepare a fantastic profiteroles: a delicious one pyramid of cream puffs stuffed with the perfect and covered with a Chocolate frosting and curls of cream. Here the complete recipe.

to garnish with a delicious cream and seasonal fruit. If you can choose the whole cane sugar, to pass to the mixer to obtain the icing sugar. THU the complete recipe.

Mimosa cake

Those who love sweets filled with cream will be able to experiment with the preparation of this mimosa cake. Remember to choose organic lemons, or in any case untreated, so you can use the grated rind of the lemon without problems. Here the complete recipe.

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